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Walking the Mythic Earth Path of the King/Queen

The mythic path of the King/Queen focuses on learning lessons around relational dynamics and on creating “right” environment. Generating and maintaining life structures that support your creative potential and the potential of others is at the core of this path. A preliminary step includes recognizing any fixed, “earth-like” beliefs that are keeping you from seeing yourself and the world around you through the lens of unlimited possibilities. Misplaced responsibility—carrying other people’s issues, pain, or burden—is also common when walking this path. These tendencies can be transcended by learning how to be faithful and reliable to yourself, by bringing more lightness and playfulness into your life, paying attention to when your energy is impacted by others, and by learning communication and interpersonal skills that build personal empowerment.

Clarity on the earth path comes from understanding one-on-one and group dynamics, including realizing that what you are experiencing on a mental and emotional level may be linked to your surroundings and your loved ones. The extent to which you create a life where you are sharing your wisdom in a way that benefits you and others depends on how much you allow yourself to be held back by your self-image and self-esteem. Choosing relationships that are in alignment with your core needs and values, and that are reciprocal in nature, helps to create greater balance in your life. As you share your gifts and wisdom, and focus on purposeful striving, you naturally attract the community and connection you so value and desire.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Recognizing your life as a mythic journey highlights the lessons that are hidden underneath your life challenges and reveals how your challenges are secretly guiding you to reclaim your authentic self and your creative potential.

Essential Soul Capacities for the King/Queen

There are a variety of soul capacities (skills, aptitudes, or abilities) that a person walking an earth path is asked to utilize during their mythic journey. However, there are three capacities that are essential for navigating the path of the King/Queen because they temper common imbalances pertaining to relational patterns and dynamics. The capacities described below focus on what is needed to:

  • discover and share your gifts,
  • create personal wellness and soul nourishment, and
  • transcend the limiting patterns that hold you back.

Discovering & Sharing Your Unique Gifts – Understanding
Understanding uses the intensity of your emotional responses to what is happening to those you care about, to your community, and to the world at large, as indications of the deeper calling of your life. Knowing how you want to make a difference in the world comes out of acknowledging and sympathetically relating to the needs of those in your queendom or kingdom. Another facet of this capacity—one that enhances personal empowerment—is building the ability to recognize the subtle energetic dynamics in your interactions with others.

Creating Personal Wellness & Soul Nourishment – Harmony
Harmony recognizes the degree of peace and wellness you are experiencing in your body, your environment, and in your interpersonal relationships as a mechanism to identify and reaffirm your core values and the things that truly matter to you. As you recognize the parts of your life that are in alignment with your truth and let go of those that aren’t, you naturally support your personal wellness and create a life that nourishes your soul.

Transcending the Limiting Patterns That Hold You Back – Vision
Applying vision in your life entails creating mental pictures of a future that brings you excitement and passion. What does a future look like that deeply invigorates your soul? What are your core needs that are currently not being met? What are the qualities of experience you are not allowing yourself to have? The clearer the pictures are in your mind’s eye of the future you want to create, the more energy and conviction you will have to identify and address internal patterns of repression, limitation, and resistance.

Enhancing Your Creative Process

Enhancing your creative process starts with reaffirming the natural rhythms and routines that support how you produce in the world. Even if some of the steps for accomplishing your goals are unclear, it is important to take positive action on what’s available to you. By experiencing consistent evidence of positive change, you will gain greater faith and trust in your abilities and talents.

Associating with people who deeply inspire you and who are aligned with the vision you have for your kingdom or queendom makes it safe to step outside your comfort level and daringly pursue your dreams. You can increase the energy you have for manifesting your goals by creating a beautiful, inspiring, and nourishing environment, exploring new interests, spending time out in your community, moving your body, and choosing activities that stimulate you on a variety of levels.

Identifying Potential Imbalances in Your Relational Dynamics
  • Resisting to ask for the support you need
  • Feeling helpless and hopeless because of what you see happening in the world
  • Struggling to create a supportive environment or to adapt to new structures or systems
  • Being too demanding of others—wanting everything done your way
  • Perpetuating situations that make you feel disempowered
  • Choosing to stay in situations that are dishonoring or that hold you back
  • Being distrustful and suspicious of others
  • Experiencing loneliness due to being withdrawn, and being unwilling to explore new things or to venture out by yourself
  • Needing approval from others or worrying about your public image
  • Being stubborn and resistant to change even though you understand change is needed
Principle of Mythic Transformation

By understanding the themes and dynamics pertaining to your mythic path, you are able to rewrite your personal mythology, thus making it possible to create a life that fully nourishes your soul.

Travel Compass

It is easier to navigate your mythic path and to feel empowered in your relationships when you pay attention to the degree of inner peace and clarity you are experiencing at any given time. The ability to recognize what you need from your environment and your relationships to support your creative pursuits is enhanced as you develop thinking-oriented capacities—using your imagination, being open-minded and flexible, and creating visions for your life that nourish your soul. Having clear mental pictures of the life you want to be living naturally aligns your relationships, organizes your life, and guides you along your path.

King/Queen Declarations
A declaration is an intention to take action in a particular way or to adopt a certain way of being in the world. Using declarations is a great way to stay energetically connected to what you want to create in your life and a powerful way to remind yourself of the core life lessons that are a part of your mythic journey. Below are some possible declarations that focus on the healing movements and goals for a person walking an earth path.
  • I choose to let go of taking on responsibility for things that are outside of my control.
  • I am ready, willing, and able to release the past and focus on taking positive steps that transform my life now.
  • I am only going to play with people who are in alignment with my core values now.
  • I choose to ask for the support I need to achieve my life goals.
  • I commit myself to staying connected to my integrity and core values regardless of who I spend time with.
  • I release carrying other people’s issues, pain, and burden now.
  • Even if it is uncomfortable, I choose to share my core needs and feelings with others now.
  • I choose to learn the communication skills necessary to feel empowered in my relationships now.
  • I am ready, willing, and able to consistently engage in the activities that bring vitality, flexibility, and wellness to my body.
  • Regardless of my fears, I choose to embrace change and go after what I want in my life.