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The Mythic Earth Path of the King and Queen

A Mythic Journey Focused on Relational Dynamics

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Walking the Mythic Earth Path of the King and Queen

Based on your profile results you are walking the Mythic Path of the King and Queen. This path focuses on learning lessons around relational dynamics and on creating right relationship with your environment. Generating and maintaining life structures that support your creative potential and the potential of others, is at the core of this path. A preliminary step includes recognizing any fixed, “earth-like” beliefs that are keeping you from seeing yourself and the world around you through the lens of unlimited possibilities. Misplaced responsibility—carrying other people’s issues, pain, or burden—is also common when walking this path. This tendency can be overcome by learning how to be faithful and reliable to yourself, by bringing more lightness and playfulness into your life, by paying attention to when your energy is impacted by others, and by learning communication and interpersonal skills that build personal empowerment.

Clarity on the earth path comes from understanding one-on-one and group dynamics, including realizing that what you are experiencing on a mental and emotional level may not be sourced from within you, but rather linked to your surroundings and to what those around you are experiencing. The extent to which you create a life where you are sharing your wisdom in a way that benefits you and others may depend on how much you allow yourself to be held back by your self-image and self-esteem. Choosing relationships that are in alignment with your core needs and values, and that are reciprocal in nature, helps to create greater balance in your life. As you share your gifts and wisdom, and focus on purposeful striving, you naturally attract the community and connection you so value and desire.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Recognizing the soul function at the center of your life journey shines light upon the qualities of your
Authentic Self and empowers you as you navigate the challenging moments of life.

Reclaiming Your Authentic Self

As a byproduct of instinctually (rather than consciously) emphasizing the role of managing your environment and the relational dynamics around you as a way to “fit into” your family and your environment while growing up, your Authentic Self was suppressed. A powerful step in discovering and reclaiming the parts of you that were denied in this “fitting in” and adaptive process, is to identify and temper the limiting patterns in how you relate to others. Review how you have structured your relationships and your environment in the past. Focus on the moments where your relational or environmental dynamics produced an unpreferred or a limiting outcome. Use the list below as inspiration for identifying the relational patterns and imbalances that need your attention.

Identifying Potential Imbalances in Your Relational Dynamics
  • Resisting asking for the support you need
  • Feeling helpless and hopeless because of what you see happening in the world
  • Struggling to create a supportive environment or to adapt to new structures or systems
  • Being too demanding of others—wanting everything done your way
  • Perpetuating situations that make you feel disempowered
  • Choosing to stay in situations that are dishonoring or that hold you back
  • Being distrustful and suspicious of others
  • Experiencing loneliness due to being withdrawn, disregarding possible options for social connection, or being unwilling to explore new things by yourself
  • Needing approval from others or worrying about your public image
  • Being stubborn and resistant to change even though you understand change is needed
Principle of Mythic Transformation

Transforming the imbalances and limiting patterns in how you relate to others and to your
environment establishes a foundation for creating a more authentic and nourishing relationship to life.

A Practice of Remembrance

An additional step in reclaiming your Authentic Self is to create a practice of remembering past events, no matter how small, when you experienced supportive and healthy relationships or an environment that reflected your creative truth and met your core needs. Utilize all your senses when you revisit those moments in your life. Imagine the events as if they are happening in present time. Focus on anchoring in the feeling of right relationship and right environment in your body. Write down, in as much detail as possible, how those moments feel somatically and kinesthetically rather than what you are experiencing mentally or emotionally. Create a regular practice of remembering how right relations (to other people and with your environment) feels in your body, especially before making important life decisions.

Travel Compass

Another helpful tool to temper the imbalances in your relational dynamics and to reclaim your Authentic Self is to use your travel compass to direct you to the realm of thinking and imagination. This realm, or orientation to life, places an emphasis on mental clarity and identifying the core values underneath your beliefs rather than being at the effect of, or managing the dynamics in, your relationships and environment. Focusing your attention on the quality of your thinking naturally connects you to the air element! Design your life to purposefully cultivate thinking-oriented capacities—using your imagination, being open-minded and flexible, embracing levity, and creating visions for your life that nourish your soul. Having a clear mental picture of the life you want to be living naturally aligns your relationships, organizes your life, and guides you along your path. Take a moment to identify the activities you can embrace in your life to more fully connect to the thinking-oriented realm of air.

Getting Acquainted With Your Inner King or Queen

What do you picture when you think about the King or Queen archetypes? If you could look at the King or Queen part of yourself in the mirror, what would he or she look like? Before receiving this overview, did you see yourself as a King or Queen in some aspect of your life? If so, in what capacity? If not, why not? How does the King or Queen part of you want to be utilized in your life right now?