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Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Fall Away

Principle of Mythic Transformation
The foundation of your transformation is to recognize the strategies you used to bond with your family and to fit into society. As you do this, you see the true motives behind your behaviors, patterns, and desires

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to follow through on your goals and stick to your New Year’s Resolutions? Doesn’t it feel as though a part of you wants to make positive change in your life and another part of you resists it?

Freeing yourself from these patterns comes out of understanding your conditioning from your childhood—the ways in which you altered your Authentic Self in order to bond with your family. There are several misconceptions about the ways in which a person’s childhood experiences lead to patterns of inner resistance and limitations. The major misconception is thinking that if you didn’t experience a major trauma in your childhood, or if your early years were “uneventful” or simply “okay,” then you were spared from forming subconscious patterns that are limiting your creative potential.

A powerful way to see yourself with more clarity is to look at the level of creative authenticity within your family. If those around you, especially your parents, were not living their creative truth, their passions, their unique contribution to the world, then in some way you altered yourself in order to fit in. This is not about blaming your family members, it is simply acknowledging the truth. Everyone alters their creative authenticity as a direct reflection of the degree of authenticity being demonstrated by those around them in the early years of their life. Physical, mental or emotional abuse, or trauma enhances (exponentially) the process of self-protection, and the alteration of one’s Authentic Self in order to fit-in and survive. The most common cause behind the patterns that deny human potential are much more elusive and subtle. They are sourced in patterns of adaptation and alteration in order to match the level of creative authenticity being demonstrated by those around us.

The fundamental dynamics or blueprints within your psyche are at the root of why resistance lives within you when we are trying to manifest your New Year’s goals and resolutions. There are ways to circumvent those blueprints and stay anchored within your Authentic Self throughout the year. Tapping into your inner wisdom through embodied awareness, utilizing imaginative and mythic consciousness, understanding how to ground yourself in your Authentic Self, and recognizing qualities of experience are just some of the tools and techniques that keep you anchored in your creative truth and keep your old patterns from repeating themselves in the future.

Let me support you in creating the life you truly want in 2017. Join me for the Charting Your Mythic Path webinar on January 7th or set up a free 30 minute discovery session and learn how the mythic path work can unlock your creative potential in 2017. Wishing everyone great blessings for the New Year.

Until next month, may your life be a mythic adventure!

Cycles of Creation


Principles of Mythic Transformation
We bring greater ease and flow into our creative process and assist our own becoming when we recognize that life is cyclical—continually guiding us to dive more deeply into the creative processes and lessons we need along our mythic journey

Recently I participated in a medicine walk at the Sedgwick Reserve in Southern California. My intention behind the walk was to gain clarity around “right place”—where do I need to go in order to more fully birth my work in the world. Instead, through this experience of allowing the wisdom of nature to speak to me, I have been guided back into working with cancer patients and people navigating a life challenging illness, but with new insight.

I thought I was clear about where my creative energies needed to go in this phase of my life, but through the medicine walk and follow-up meditations, mandala, and active imagination work, it has become clear that a next step for me is to bring the newly created support structures from the Twelve Mythic Paths® work into working with cancer patients.

This experience has, for me, re-emphasized the cyclical nature of life and the importance of allowing the past to inform us in actualizing our creative potential in the present. I now see the significance of being willing to re-engage creative expressions from the past, just like we have to be willing to re-engage deeper and more subtle versions of the patterns that are holding us back, so we can honor our gifts in each phase of our life.

This is clearly a mythic aspect of our life journey, to circle back around to those experiences, patterns, and offerings that continue to claim a place along our journey, that still have more to say to us. I thought my cancer work was a thing of the past, something I had moved through or beyond. I wasn’t seeing the interconnections—how I needed to focus on the Twelve Mythic Paths and the performance enhancement work for musicians in order to have the breakthroughs necessary to weave new life into my health and wellness work.

What creative expressions from your past are circling back to you, asking to be a part of what you are presently creating? How can the lessons you learned from your past projects, endeavors, and collaborations help you to manifest your goals in this phase of your life? Have you discarded treasures from your past that could help you solve your challenges right now? Take a moment to explore these questions and see how the cyclical motif is a part of your mythic journey.

And – keep your eyes open for the newly redesigned Cancer Transcendence™ Program. This work will include in person and online offerings specifically for cancer patients seeking exceptional support, community, and a revolutionary new framework for navigating the cancer experience. Current plans are to launch the program at the start of the New Year. Please help me spread the word!

Don’t forget to take the Mythic Paths Profile here. The Navigating Your Mythic Path Group Coaching Calls, based on this work, will be starting December 1st!

Until next time, may your life be a mythic adventure.

The Power of Recognizing Qualities of Experience


Principle of Mythic Transformation
Recognizing qualities of experience allows you to see the true subtle dynamics of your life, and the core life lessons that are leading you to fulfilling your sacred calling.

Imagining your life as a mythic journey requires embracing an imaginative, enlivened form of thinking, which deepens your connection to what is being experienced in your life, both internally and externally. Enlivened thinking allows you to recognize qualities of experience, which present themselves on a completely different level than thoughts and feelings. The inherent power within connecting to the qualities of experience that are a part of your mythic journey, is that it lifts the veil of illusion created by the mind that prevents you from seeing the subtle, but true, dynamics and patterns in your life.

Recognizing the qualities of experience you are having in your life brings to light the themes, patterns, and dynamics of your mythic path. This is living a mythic life—looking at how the themes and patterns in your life tell a story—not the superficial story you tell someone you meet at a party, but the deeper story about your evolutionary process. Qualities of experience are the threads that weave together the various destinations on your mythic path. Understanding how the quality of experience you are having in one situation relates to other events in your life, connects you to the mythic nature of your life.

A simple way to begin viewing your life through the qualities you are experiencing is to start each day by taking note of your day’s plans and commitments. Then, pinpoint the quality (of experience) you think will support you in traveling through the commitments of your day. It is extremely helpful to come up with a symbol or a picture (in your mind’s eye) which captures that quality fully realized. For example, imagining a tree to symbolize the quality of being rooted and grounded.

Practice visualizing the symbol as a means to embodying the quality (of experience) throughout the day. The quality then becomes a bridge or lifeline to a possible reality that is reflective of the life you want to be experiencing throughout your day.

A Framework for Your Soul’s Journey

Walkway with arched green

Principle of Mythic Transformation
Life-long transformation is best facilitated by creating a framework that can be utilized throughout your entire life journey; one that can reveal and illuminate the deeper meaning behind your life experiences and your soul’s creative yearnings.

One of the powerful insights I gleaned from my 22 years of private practice was seeing the importance of having a framework to support a client in finding the deeper meaning underneath their challenging life experiences. We live in an interesting time where life is not only happening at an incredibly fast pace, but need gratification is occurring equally as fast. So much is at our fingertips—information can be attained within seconds, food can be purchased pre-made and ready for our consumption, and we can connect to love ones who are across the planet by simply picking up our phone or using our computer. Unfortunately, this lifestyle has intensified the instinctual impulse to seek out immediate resolution of the discomfort we experience in our lives. The mind wants whatever is being experienced as “un-preferred” to be fixed, healed, or transcended yesterday!

I have been fortunate to help many clients navigate through their challenges, transitions and trials. This work has allowed me to see how difficult it is for anyone to stand in the fire of their discomfort and mine the gold within a painful situation. When the orientation for navigating a challenge is focused solely on relieving the discomfort and pain and nothing else, something is lost. An opportunity is missed, and the energy that is available to move a person towards their creative authenticity is wasted. Please don’t misunderstand me, relief from discomfort is an important goal, but not at the expense of the deeper journey, understanding why you are experiencing the pain in the first place. This is not an either or situation. Resolution and healing are clear priorities; but sitting in the experience in a way that allows you to access the deeper meaning of the event will give you the gift of understanding the life lesson you are working through and how it is leading you towards your sacred calling.

Seeking out short-term relief at the expense of long-term transformation is also being reinforced by the large number of healing techniques being offered right now that have either been created consciously or unconsciously to meet this desire for immediate gratification. These techniques on the surface seem magical in nature, producing initial change with hardly any effort or “will” being needed to produce them. All you need to do is tap into a particular matrix, access a specific field, say a certain mantra, or be a conduit for some healing energy and your situation begins to shift. This type of work produces unconscious change, but the shadow side of this approach is that it is not sustainable. The only true sustainable approach to healing is one that produces conscious transformation. We are all experiencing what we need to grow, expand and evolve. If you take the growth and expansion process out of navigating painful life experiences by choosing the unconscious change approach, you will keep experiencing whatever you need for your evolutionary process. Resistance is futile, there is no escaping evolution!

This is the pattern I witnessed repeatedly during my years of private practice. At some point in a client’s transformational journey I saw them having to learn how to recognize the deeper meaning of what they were experiencing and to use their challenge as a gateway to greater self-awareness. With this in mind, I was inspired to create not only a set of tools and techniques that could help clients work through their discomfort, but also to create a framework that offered the structure needed to mine the “gold” within their pain and suffering. This framework is the Twelve Mythic Paths® System.

When a structure like the Twelve Mythic Paths® System is put in place it allows you to access your own inner wisdom and to navigate your life from your own inner compass. Combining a framework and transformational tools provides the safety and security needed to dive deep within yourself when going through a painful life event. The beauty of this approach is that when the true causative issue is recognized and acted upon, the pain, discomfort and challenge goes away. The difference is that it goes away as a byproduct of true growth and transformation, versus an inability to sit with your pain and discomfort.

I didn’t know it at the time, but this is exactly what happened to me in my cancer journey. Once I realized that I was being asked to let go of being a musician and I embraced my path as a healer, guide and teacher, my body started to heal and I was cancer free in 12 weeks! Distilling the “gold” or life lesson from a challenge or painful life experience produces TRUE healing. (Read my cancer story on the home page.)

Using the Twelve Mythic Paths® System allows you to see your current struggle or challenge through the lens of your personal myth—the patterns, themes, life lessons and motifs of your life journey. Decoding painful life experiences and connecting the dots between a current challenge and past events from your life is not easy. This is because what matters most in key situations is not always recognizable on the surface. It is the subtle, energetic material underneath life events that often tells the true story of the life lessons you are working through and offers the direction you need to go in to experience healing and permanent transformation. That’s why I teach specific techniques for opening up new levels of awareness and accessing higher forms of cognition in order to lift the veil of illusion that is often perpetuated through relying on normal sense impressions from the five senses.

If you would like to learn these expanded awareness techniques and the keys to creating your mythic story—the framework and map you will use to navigate the ups and downs of your mythic journey—take the Mythic Path Profile and sign up for either the Navigating Your Mythic Path Mini-Course or the accompanying Navigating Your Mythic Path Group Coaching Calls starting in October. You can also sign up to do private coaching with me if you would like to jump into this work in a deep way. Details on my coaching practice and the programs listed above are on my website. I look forward to supporting you on your mythic journey!

Welcome to the Mythic Messenger Blog!


This blog is one of the platforms I will be using to write about the Twelve Mythic Paths® System and how it can be applied in your life to help you manifest your dreams and actualize your creative potential. Each blog entry will discuss a principle of mythic transformation discovered through my work with clients over the last 22 years.

The Twelve Mythic Paths® System is unique in that it offers a powerful framework for navigating your life’s journey yet transcends the trap of defining and labeling who you are as an individual. The system simply recognizes the path you have chosen to support you in your evolutionary process. It is a framework that offers freedom to the soul, yet empowers you to recognize the true causative forces playing out in your life. The self-transformation journey is hard enough. Who wants another layer of self-interpretation to work through along the way? You possess unlimited potential and the key to tapping into that potential is to refrain from judging, interpreting or labeling who you think you are and instead to focus your attention on the themes and motifs associated with your mythic path.

Recognizing the themes and patterns associated with your mythic journey opens up new levels of awareness because, through the work, you establish an inner compass that helps you to navigate your daily experiences. This is true empowerment, which has nothing to do with a new concept about yourself. It is about recognizing the terrain and landscape of your life’s journey. From this perspective, you are free to be whoever you want to be, yet you will have a framework for making daily decisions, for transcending the limiting patterns that are holding you back, and for identifying the life lessons that are the stepping stones to actualizing your sacred calling.

In many ways, the Twelve Mythic Paths® System is paradoxical in nature. The more you learn the specifics about your mythic path, the clearer you see yourself—not the persona that you might identify yourself to be, but your authentic self, the more creative, powerful, and connected you. This system awakens you to why you are here, what you are working on to grow and evolve and what you have to offer the world. This is accomplished without putting you in a box or limiting you by creating a new set of personal labels or self-definitions.

The foundational goal of this work is to offer a framework that both supports the soul’s freedom and creates greater self-awareness; so that when you are going through a life transition, experiencing a challenging life event, or working through a limiting pattern, you can navigate your journey from your own inner wisdom and compass. There is a reason why the great sages of ancient Greece, wrote, “Know Thyself” on the entrance to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. It’s because the transformational journey is about acquiring self-knowledge, not from someone else telling you who you are, but from you peeling away the layers of illusion that are preventing you from living life anchored in your personal truth.

In next month’s blog entry we will begin our journey together by discussing the importance of:

  • Having a framework for navigating challenging life events;
  • Finding the deeper meaning underneath your trials and life transitions; and
  • Allowing your pain to guide you to your sacred calling.
  • Thanks for being a part of the mythic path community. Until next time, may your life be a mythic adventure!

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