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The Mythic Water Path of the Lover

A Mythic Journey Focused on Right Feeling & Emotional Dynamics

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Walking the Mythic Water Path of the Lover

Based on your profile results you are walking the Mythic Path of the Lover. The mythic path of the Lover focuses on learning lessons around emotions and the subtle energetic dynamics of life. Learning how to stay connected to your inner truth and creative voice regardless of the environment you find yourself in, is at the core of this path. For those walking this path it is easy to be impacted by your environment and to feel the pain being experienced by others. This energetic dynamic may add a quality of heaviness to your life and pull you into overly focusing on your inner experience to the detriment of how you would like to be in the world. Creating healthy energetic boundaries with others and building the ability to recognize the values and needs underneath your thoughts and feelings naturally leads to personal empowerment. Releasing what is not yours to carry is a powerful healing movement for anyone walking the water path.

Consciously bringing more levity into your life is especially helpful as you navigate the times when you are deeply immersed in your feelings. You may tend to want to stay in a place of inner comfort, even if that state perpetuates dissatisfaction or a lack of fulfillment. The impulse to stay with what is familiar can impact your spontaneity and momentum and can lead to missed opportunities. Shifting from a preoccupation with your inner life to being on purpose, productive, and helping others can bring balance and healing to your life. As you create a deeply inspiring, passionate, and purposeful life, you are able to be a beacon of light to others, motivating them to move towards what truly matters in their lives.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Recognizing the soul function at the center of your life journey shines light upon the qualities of your
Authentic Self and empowers you as you navigate the challenging moments of life.

Reclaiming Your Authentic Self

As a byproduct of instinctually (rather than consciously) emphasizing or suppressing your emotions and your feeling nature as a way to “fit into” your family and your environment while growing up, your Authentic Self was suppressed. A powerful step in discovering and reclaiming the parts of you that were denied in this “fitting in” and adaptive process, is to identify and temper the limiting patterns in your emotional life. Review your relationship to your emotions and how you have or have not shared your feelings with others. Focus on the moments where your emotions produced an unpreferred or a limiting outcome. If you have difficulty, start with an unpreferred outcome in your life and look backwards to determine which patterns around your emotionality contributed to this end result. Use the list below as inspiration for identifying the feeling-related patterns and imbalances that need your attention.

Identifying Potential Imbalances in Your Emotional Life
  • Getting stuck in pain and upset, and having a hard time letting go of old emotional baggage
  • Being overly sentimental and holding on to people, places, and things, which can lead to stagnancy
  • Perpetuating drama and living at the effect of your mind’s narrative around your challenging experiences
  • Taking things personally and being overly sensitive
  • Finding it challenging to recognize what you need for personal nourishment
  • Easily going to a place of apathy or indolence
  • Being so inwardly focused that you miss the possible connections and opportunities that are occurring around you
  • Finding it hard to be compassionate with others without losing yourself
  • Struggling with bringing a sense of lightness and fun into your life
  • Being overly impacted by the emotions of the people around you
Principle of Mythic Transformation

Transforming the imbalances and limiting patterns in your emotional life establishes a
powerful foundation for creating a more authentic and nourishing relationship to life.

A Practice of Remembrance

An additional step in reclaiming your Authentic Self is to create a practice of remembering past events, no matter how small, when you experienced right relationship to your emotions and your feeling life. Utilize all your senses when you revisit those moments in your life. Imagine the events as if they are happening in present time. Focus on anchoring in the feeling of right relationship to your emotions in your body. Write down, in as much detail as possible, how those moments feel somatically and kinesthetically rather than what you are experiencing mentally or emotionally. Create a regular practice of remembering how right relationship to your emotions feels in your body, especially before making important life decisions.

Travel Compass

Another helpful tool to temper the imbalances in your emotional life and to reclaim your Authentic Self is to use your travel compass to direct you to the realm of “will”. This realm, or orientation to life, places an emphasis on demonstrating determination, being on purpose, and learning the skills that allow you to be of service to others, rather than focusing your attention on or getting lost in your inner experience. Consciously embracing your will forces naturally connects you to the fire element! You will know if you are headed in the right direction based on your ability to manifest and produce in the physical world in ways that reflect your creative authenticity. Embracing action-oriented capacities—such as goal setting, asking for support, managing avoidance behaviors, and recognizing your strengths and weaknesses—will bring clarity, energy, and excitement to your path. Take a moment to identify the activities you can embrace in your life to more fully connect to the action-oriented realm of fire.

Getting Acquainted With Your Inner Lover

What do you picture when you think about the Lover archetype—the part of you that wants to experience the beauty and goodness of life and to inspire others to do the same? If you could look at the Lover part of yourself in the mirror, what would he or she look like? Before receiving this overview, did you see yourself as a Lover in some aspect of your life? If so, in what capacity? If not, why not? How does the Lover part of you want to be utilized in your life right now?