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Philosophy Behind the Twelve Mythic Paths®

Underneath all of life’s challenges are lessons waiting to be learned as a part of an individual’s evolutionary process. To best facilitate this growth, a person’s higher self chooses what you might call a “path of development.” Each path is associated with one of the four elements (earth, water, air, or fire) and each element inherently encompasses certain life lessons, struggles, imbalances, and dynamics that become the core of a person’s inner and outer (relational) development. The element associated with a person’s path of development is called their “element of transformation.”

In the process of actualizing one’s creative potential, paths from each of the four elements are explored. However, a person always comes back to the core lessons associated with their element of transformation—moving through deeper layers of their lessons in each phase of their life. This repetition creates themes in a person’s life and is what makes their life mythic. Within this mythic framework, a person’s life journey is completely unique yet grounded in their element of transformation. Your element of transformation is the water element.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Recognizing your life as a mythic journey awakens you to the evolutionary impulses of your soul and the life lessons you have chosen to learn in order to ultimately lead you to the actualization of your sacred calling.

Walking the Mythic Paths of the Lover

Water Icon cropped from JPEG fileThe Water Paths – The mythic paths of the Lover focus on learning lessons around emotions and recognizing the energetic aspects of life. The desire to deeply explore life and to strive for authentic connection with others is at the core of these paths. You can easily be impacted by your environment and very often feel the pain being experienced by others, which may contribute to a quality of heaviness in your life. This malleability and sensitivity can be minimized or ameliorated by creating healthy energetic boundaries with others, and by building the ability to recognize the source of your feelings and thinking. Releasing what is not yours to carry is a powerful healing movement for you as you walk the water paths.

Consciously bringing more levity into your life is especially helpful as you navigate the times when you are deeply immersed in your feelings. There can be a tendency to want to stay in a place of inner comfort, which can impact your spontaneity and momentum, and lead to missed opportunities. Shifting your focus from your inner experience to being on purpose, productive, and helping others can bring balance and healing to your life. Because you recognize the more subtle aspects of life, you are extremely qualified to remind people what is of essence or what truly matters in life. As you create a deeply inspiring and passionate life, you can easily motivate others to do the same.

The Three Water Paths

The three water paths outlined below relate to how you respond to situations in your life and how you use your energy and creative life force. If your orientation or your energy is more toward the outer world (extroverted), then the lessons and opportunities on the Path of Acceptance are more applicable for your life journey. If your orientation and energy is focused more on your inner world (introverted), then the lessons and opportunities on the Path of Gratitude are essential for your life journey. If you tend to vacillate between these two ways of engaging life based on your environment and the people around you, then the lessons and opportunities on the Path of Purpose are needed for your life journey. With that said, it is also possible to bounce back and forth between all three paths within a given day, during a specific life event, or around a particular theme in your life. This is why it is important to become familiar with all three paths.

The Active Water Path of Acceptance – The key movement on this path is to accept what other people are choosing and to recognize that everything is happening for a reason. As this perspective is embraced, a new level of self-nourishment is experienced because there is balance between motivating others, and honoring your personal needs and feelings.

The Passive Water Path of Gratitude – The key for this path is to recognize and value the simple things in your life, and to transcend the mind’s fixation on disappointment and dissatisfaction by re-igniting your passion. As you live in a state of wonder and gratitude, you exponentially enhance your ability to attract the abundance and joy you desire.

The Adaptive Water Path of Purpose – The key for this path is to recognize the truth that you are already whole and that you possess unique gifts with which to serve others. By embracing the willingness and motivation to honor your own creativity, you begin to share your gifts regardless of your inner resistance and feelings of inadequacy or lack.

Travel Compass

Navigating your mythic path and establishing right relationship to your feelings and emotions comes out of being able to stay connected to the bigger picture of your life and to how you want to share you gifts to make life more beautiful for yourself and others. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of emotions, but by embracing “fire”—right action, determination, being on purpose, and the skills that allow you to be of service to others—you are guided along your path.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Recognizing the themes, motifs, patterns, and dynamics that are a part of your life’s journey empowers you to make decisions that are reflective of your truth and allows you to evolve and grow through each and every phase of your life.

Ways to Explore the Water Paths

  • What do you picture when you think about the Lover archetype? If you could look at the Lover part of yourself in the mirror, what would he or she look like? Before receiving this overview, did you see yourself as a Lover in some aspect of your life? If so, in what capacity? If not, why? What does the Lover part of you want you to do with your life right now?
  • Explore your relationship to your “feelings” and how your emotions have impacted your life. Reflect on the times when your emotions got in the way of you taking right action. Take one of those events and replay the situation over in your mind’s eye. Imagine being empowered around your emotions in a way that you believe would have brought you the most desirable end result. Activate all of your senses during the visualization, embody it fully so it feels as if you are experiencing it in the present moment. Do this daily for a minimum of 21 days in order to establish an embodied awareness around the emotions that support you in achieving the results you want in your life.
  • Create the pictures of the life you want, especially the ones that are reflective of you being on purpose and productive in your life. What does fulfilling your sacred calling look like?
  • Practice establishing healthy, energetic boundaries with others.
Lover Declarations

A declaration, versus an affirmation, is an intention to take action in a particular way or to adopt a certain way of being in the world. Using declarations is a great way to stay energetically connected to what you want to create in your life and a powerful way to remind yourself of the core life lessons that are a part of your mythic journey. Below are declarations that focus on the healing movements and goals for a person walking a water path.

  • I am ready, willing, and able to welcome abundance, beauty, and love into my life now.
  • I choose to support others without losing myself now.
  • I choose to create healthy, energetic boundaries with the people in my life now.
  • I release feeling obligated to motivate the people in my life who aren’t taking responsibility for their own lives.
  • I choose to have people in my life who are comfortable with me being emotionally free and uninhibited.
  • I choose to embrace the courage needed to share my needs and feelings with the people I care about.
  • I release taking things so personally now.
  • I choose to bring discernment into my emotional life, recognizing what is mine and what is not mine.
  • When I feel stuck in my pain and wounding, I choose to take small steps that bring inspiration and purpose back into my life.
  • I release trying to please others at the expense of my own truth and creative authenticity now.