The School for Soulful Artistry

Curriculum Option 2

Course Description

The Foundation Series of Courses + Taming Test Anxiety

Taming Test Anxiety: Mind-Body Interventions for Enhancing Performance

This program supports students in performing their best while taking exams and giving presentations. The Taming Test Anxiety system breaks down the learning process and identifies where stress enters into the activities of absorbing, processing, organizing, retaining, and recalling information. Deepening a student’s understanding of how they learn unlocks their ability to excel at anything they decide to do in their life. Identifying their learning channel, employing mind-body integration exercises, and learning how to tap into their embodied knowing during the learning process supports their pre-exam preparation, helps them to keep their mind focused under pressure, and facilitates their ability to manage performance anxiety before and during an exam or presentation. Implementing these tools allows students to demonstrate their fullest potential when it matters most.

Course Outcomes
After successfully completing the course, students should be able to:

  • Identify and utilize their learning channel to enhance their learning process,
  • Recognize the techniques that best support their assimilation of new information,
  • Employ tools for enhancing their capacity to memorize information,
  • Utilize a pre-exam/presentation brain integration and stress diffusion protocol,
  • Manage their test/presentation anxiety, and
  • Experience improved concentration and focus during an exam/presentation.
If you are interested in having The School for Soulful Artistry present this empowering curricula at your performing arts high school/pre-college program, please email the school here.