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In addition to the Pathways to Performance Mastery Programs, Gary offers a groundbreaking series of programs that emphasize the soul’s creative potential and the evolutionary journey taken to fulfill one’s sacred calling. The programs are organized within two streams of instruction. The first stream utilizes the Twelve Mythic Paths® framework as a backdrop to exploring personal development, performance enhancement and navigating physical dis-ease or a life challenging illness. The second stream of courses offers specific tools and techniques for personal empowerment and accessing one’s inner wisdom. The overarching goal for both streams is the understanding of one’s creative authenticity and the ways in which an individual can make their life and the world around them more beautiful through sharing their unique gifts.


Courses & Programs within the Twelve Mythic Paths® Framework


Principle of Mythic Transformation

Long-term transformation is a byproduct of creating a framework that can be utilized throughout your life’s journey; one that can reveal and illuminate the deeper meaning behind your life experiences and your creative yearnings.

Awakening Into Your Mythic Life

A Revolutionary New Practice for Fulfilling Your Sacred Calling
This is the foundation to all of the Mythic Paths work and a perfect way to deepen your understanding of your own mythic path and the specific patterns, dynamics, themes, and motifs that are a part of your life journey. This program offers a powerful framework and practice for accessing your inner wisdom and unlocking your creative potential, one that is also fun, imaginative, and creative.

You will learn the following tools and techniques to support you in experiencing true personal empowerment:

  • • The keys to living a mythic life
  • • The secret to transcending your subconscious limiting beliefs
  • • The 8 main steps in the Mythic Path Daily Practice
  • • How to use an embodied gateway for accessing your inner wisdom
  • • To recognize the life lessons that are the stepping stones to fulfilling your sacred calling
  • • Your compass for navigating your mythic path
  • • Exercises for opening up to expanded levels of awareness

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Connecting to your inner wisdom and guidance is the most powerful tool you have for navigating your life journey.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Unlocking your creative potential and unique gifts entails recognizing the characteristics and qualities you bring to your craft and utilizing perceived challenges or weaknesses in your playing as an invitation to mine your own soul and discover who you are and what you choosing to learn in your life journey.

Making Music with the Gods®

A Performance Enhancement Program for Musicians
Making Music with the Gods® is a pioneering program focusing on how your temperament, life experiences and psychological conditioning play a part in molding your strengths and weaknesses as a player. Brain function and motor skills are greatly impacted by unconscious stress patterns that go unidentified unless the type of tools and techniques offered in this program are utilized. Even with the best instruction, you may feel limitations or challenges in your playing. Auditions, recitals and important playing opportunities can become less than preferred experiences because you are not always able to display your talents when it matters most. Something gets in the way of mastery over your instrument and it rarely has to do with your musical training or innate ability, but rather with what you bring into your craft from the rest of your life. This program, which is offered as a masterclass or a weekend workshop is a unique combination of ancient healing wisdom, 21st Century science and groundbreaking concepts in performance enhancement. If you want to expand your mastery over your instrument and play your best, this program is for you.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • • Improve your mental skills and ability to concentrate and focus
  • • Increase your effectiveness and efficiency as a player
  • • Tap into your inner core for greater confidence and trust
  • • Learn how to maximize your practice time and preparation for key opportunities
  • • Access your own inner wisdom for personal empowerment

Principle of Mythic Transformation

The connections between your life experiences and your experiences as a performer are often disregarded; yet the key to becoming a great performer lies in recognizing the limiting patterns you bring into your craft from other parts of your life.

Performing with the Gods

A Performance Enhancement Program for Anyone in the Performing Arts
This program utilizes the same structure and offers the same cutting edge performance enhancement techniques presented in the Making Music with the Gods® program but is expanded to work with actors, dancers, comedians, and anyone in the performing arts. This program is offered as a masterclass or a weekend workshop and is a unique combination of ancient healing wisdom and 21st Century science. If you want to perform your best when it matters most then this program is for you.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • • Unlock your expressiveness and creative voice
  • • Tap into your inner core for greater confidence and trust
  • • Learn how to prepare for auditions and key performances
  • • Improve your mental skills and ability to concentrate and focus
  • • Access your own inner wisdom for personal empowerment

Principle of Mythic Transformation

The ability to answer the sacred call and offer your unique gifts for the betterment of humanity is rooted in transcending the subconscious programming from your childhood.

Answering the Sacred Call

A Powerful New Approach to Unlocking Your Creative Potential
This program will guide you to recognize and transcend the subconscious blueprints and limiting programming that holds you back from actualizing you creative potential and creating a life that fully nourishes your soul. Gary will reveal techniques he learned from working with his clients that will inspire you to honor the creative yearnings of your heart and empower you to answer the sacred call.

In this program you will:

  • • Learn how to live from your vision for humanity
  • • Map out future destinations on your mythic path
  • • Recognize where you get hung up in the creative process
  • • Connect to the inner archetypal expressions that want a voice in your life
  • • Transcend the limiting patterns from your ancestry

Principle of Mythic Transformation

There is great power in allowing mythic figures who have walked a similar path to inspire you in transcending your life challenges and in leading you to your greatness and the actualization of your gifts.

Malady to Myth®

The Art of Imaginative Healing
This program expands on the mythic framework offered by the Twelve Mythic Paths® process by connecting the limiting patterns and trials associated with your mythic path to mythology, folk and fairy tales. Through this connection, you will not only tap into archetypal wisdom from your unconscious, but also have at your disposal powerful images and symbols which can be utilized in an art, meditation, movement or sacred sleep practice. By following in the footsteps of mythic figures who have walked a similar path, you will access both ancient and inner wisdom for navigating life’s challenges and trials.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • • See the bigger picture of your life’s journey
  • • Use symbols and images in your inner practice
  • • Use imagination, inspiration and intuition to aid you in your life’s journey
  • • Tap into your body’s wisdom for personal empowerment

Tools and Techniques for Your Mythic Journey


Principle of Mythic Transformation

Utilizing imaginative consciousness to recognize the subtle energetic dynamics within the themes and patterns of your life’s journey empowers you to recognize the choices that are more reflective of your creative truth and allows you to manifest a future that fully nourishes your soul.

The Charting Process

A Powerful New Tool for Personal Empowerment and Unlocking Your Creative Potential
The charting process is a modern active imagination process that utilizes embodied awareness as the gateway to unlocking your inner wisdom and actualizing your creative potential. This is a powerful, fun technique to help you resolve challenging life events, expand your vision of the options and opportunities in your life, and discover the limiting patterns that are holding you back.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • • Recognize the language of your body
  • • Pick the best path of healing and growth
  • • Understand the life lesson hidden underneath challenging life events
  • • Align your life to your deepest values
  • • Create an inner practice that produces long-term positive results

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Recognizing the true nature of your psyche and creating a relationship with the autonomous archetypal energies that stand behind your thoughts, feelings, and actions empowers you to fully reclaim ownership of your life. Transforming your external life begins with transforming your inner self.

Archetypal Mediation®

A Pioneering Approach to Transcending Inner Limitations and Unlocking Your Creative Potential
This program offers an innovative and safe approach to utilizing inner dialogue work to transcend inner resistance and limiting patterns. This technique not only brings to light the core conditioning and programming from your childhood, but also creates an understanding of how to reclaim your creative authenticity.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • • Identify the roles you took on to bond with your family of upbringing
  • • Pinpoint the patterns and behaviors that hold you back
  • • Recognize the archetypal expressions that are longing to be a part of your life
  • • Unlock inner wisdom
  • • Embrace your sacred calling and the sharing of your unique gifts

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Embodied Awareness—recognizing the language of your body and perceiving its reactions to various aspects of your life is one of the most powerful tools you can adopt for navigating your mythic path.

A Soul Gesture® Practice

The Art of Embodied Awareness
Tapping into your greater wisdom by utilizing your body is a powerful way to keep inner work practical and applicable to real life issues and strivings. Insights through spiritual practice can often move into the ethers and become challenging to make sense of and use in your everyday life. The Soul Gesture® practice can be used to further illuminate what surfaces through a meditation or contemplative practice, and help in tending your dreams, recognizing hidden dynamics in social situations, and bringing greater awareness to limiting behaviors and patterns.

In this program you will learn how to:

  • • Recognize the language of your body
  • • Create a sacred sleep practice
  • • Use the healing mandala as a transformational tool
  • • Use embodied awareness to guide you in unlocking your creative potential

Principle of Mythic Transformation

The most transformational times of the day are in the morning, when you can set the direction of your day, and in the evening, when you can review the day’s journey, recognizing what you have learned and connecting to the images you want to take into sleep.

Soul Dynamics®

Practices for Daily Transformation
The hardest aspect of self-growth and personal development is to create a daily practice that works within your lifestyle and schedule. The key is to establish a simple morning and evening routine that addresses the most important aspects of your life journey—the limiting patterns and dynamics that keep you from creating the life you want, and your evolution into sharing your gifts with the world.
The Soul Dynamics® Practices utilize information you gather from identifying your mythic path combined with somatics, breath work, and guided imagery to create a powerful, lived practice.

By using the techniques offered in the Soul Dynamics® Practices you will:

  • • Identify the specific patterns and dynamics that are holding you back
  • • Recognize the subtle energetic influences impacting your everyday life
  • • Unlock the archetypal expressions wanting a voice in your life
  • • Align yourself to the qualities of life experience you want
  • • Build greater discernment for making the choices that best serve you
  • • Tap into your greater wisdom and knowing