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In addition to his own offerings, Gary is available for public speaking engagements, masterclasses and trainings for your company, school or group. He loves inspiring people to look at the opportunities within their struggles and to use those events in their lives as gateways to honoring their sacred calling—the sharing of their unique gifts for the betterment of humanity. With his background as a cancer survivor, professional musician and 22 years of clinical experience, he has a wealth of information along with practical and powerful tools and techniques to help guide people toward living a life with more passion, purpose and meaning.
Regardless of whether Gary is presenting a lecture, masterclass or training, he utilizes accelerated learning and quantum teaching techniques to create experiential opportunities that guide participants to tap into their own inner wisdom and recognize the path to positively changing their lives.

In addition to the lectures below, Gary is available to teach any of the programs listed on the Pathways to Performance Mastery and the general Programs sections of this website.

The River of Life Lecture Series

The Art of Living a Healthy, Abundant & Purposeful Life

Rejoining the River of Life

Keys for Creating a Foundation for Long-Term Health and Wellness
This lecture offers a pioneering approach to navigating dis-ease and life-challenging illnesses based on Gary’s own cancer experience and his work with thousands of clients over the last 22 years. There is a crucial step in the healing process that is often left out and, when it is honored, the byproduct is a powerful foundation for long-term health and wellness. This crucial step along with the following topics will be covered in this lecture:

  • • How to tap into one’s inner wisdom
  • • Enhancing one’s mind-body connection
  • • Distilling the deeper meaning behind one’s dis-ease
  • • Reclaiming one’s power during the healing process
  • • Life design for health and wellness AND MORE…

Drinking from the River of Life

The Secret to Manifesting Joy, Success and Abundance
This lecture offers techniques and structures that help people transcend the subconscious blueprints that keep them from experiencing the life they desire. Why is it that a person experiences inner resistance to embracing and going after their dreams? What are the best techniques for dealing with limiting thoughts, actions or behaviors? The answer lies in recognizing the mythic journey a person has been on and the roles taken on early in life that are still running their life. This is an experiential lecture teaching techniques to open the heart, align the mind and expand one’s awareness of their fundamental relationship to life. Topics covered in this lecture include:

  • • Creating inner congruency for manifesting one’s dreams
  • • Transcending limiting family patterns
  • • Rewiring limiting subconscious blueprints
  • • Recognizing the subtle world and its effects on a person’s goals and aspirations
  • • Learning to listen to the wisdom in one’s heart AND MORE…

Staying in the River of Life

Living Your Sacred Calling in the Second Half of Life
This lecture presents a powerful picture of how anyone over 50 can remain creative, active and fully aligned to their sacred calling – the sharing of their unique gifts for the betterment of humanity. What are the effects of retirement and does retirement support a person’s wellbeing? Why is it that remaining creative and living from a place of passion and service equates to enhanced health and wellness? There is a formula for living a long, vibrant and healthy life, and it has very little to do with exercise and eating right – not that those aren’t important! Discover this formula for experiencing true grace and ease in the later stages of life. Topics covered in this lecture include:

  • • Transcending societal beliefs and reframing the picture of one’s life as a second halfer
  • • Reclaiming one’s inner passion and creative spark
  • • Recognizing the themes and motifs of one’s mythic journey
  • • Pinpointing the needs that promote a foundation for long-term health and wellness
  • • Embracing change as a foundation to healing AND MORE…


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