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Walking the Mythic Fire Path of the Warrior

The mythic path of the Warrior focuses on learning lessons around right action and right use of will. Being driven, productive, and getting results are at the core of this path, but the key to creating true success is to learn how to take action and make decisions in ways that bring you a deep sense of fulfillment, meaning, and satisfaction. Skill attainment and competency are essential for walking the fire path as well as learning how to control your creative energy or life force. Slowing down your reactions to stressful situations, controlling impulsiveness, and managing anger and aggressiveness, are important abilities to develop so you can access your intuition and remain focused on achieving your desired goals.

Your sense of self may potentially be tied up in what you do and what you accomplish, which may detach you from the present and have you living in, and making plans for, the future. Experiencing true wellness is achieved by living an inspired life—including removing your armor, opening up your heart, creating from a place of deep passion, and communicating your needs and feelings. Building interrelational discernment and balancing head and heart in the decision-making process are also essential skills for creating a life that allows you to honor your gifts.


Principle of Mythic Transformation

Recognizing your life as a mythic journey highlights the lessons that are hidden underneath your life challenges and reveals how your challenges are secretly guiding you to reclaim your authentic self and your creative potential.

Essential Soul Capacities for the Warrior

There are a variety of soul capacities (skills, aptitudes, or abilities) that a person walking a fire path is asked to utilize during their mythic journey. However, there are three primary capacities that are essential for navigating the path of the Warrior because they temper common imbalances within the human will. The capacities described below focus on what is needed to:

  • discover and share your gifts,
  • create personal wellness and soul nourishment, and
  • transcend the limiting patterns that hold you back.

Discovering & Sharing Your Unique Gifts – Moderation
Moderation involves simplifying your life so you have the time and the space to evaluate how you are using your will. Are the actions you are taking and the endeavors you are pursuing representative of your truth and passion? This capacity also includes creating a reflective orientation to your pursuits which allows you to evaluate, prior to taking action, whether what you are putting your life energy into is a goal sourced from ego or from a deeper calling in your life—one that will generate beauty, meaning, and wellness in your life.

Creating Personal Wellness & Soul Nourishment – Presence
Presence starts with bringing yourself back into present time instead of being preoccupied with future conquests and goals. It also includes slowing down and being able to envision the full scope of the details and variables within your interactions and projects. By opening up your awareness to what is going on for the people around you and demonstrating empathy and compassion, you will produce greater harmony and depth in your relationships, thereby creating a foundation for personal wellness and soul nourishment.

Transcending the Limiting Patterns That Hold You Back – Courage
Courage involves embracing the conviction and determination needed to transcend the inner patterns that hold you back and prevent you from taking positive action in your life. It includes creating a life vision that is bigger than yourself, identifying and declaring how you want to manifest your vision, and recognizing the inner patterns that thwart your progress. A powerful healing movement is being vulnerable enough to ask for the support you need both to address any self-limiting patterns that are getting in the way and to manifest your vision in the world.

Enhancing Your Creative Process

Enhancing your creative process starts with choosing goals and pursuits that naturally fuel your drive, passion, and determination. Being aligned with your passion makes it easier to properly plan how to take action in a way that is methodical and realistic both for you and for those who are supporting you. Focusing on experiencing ease and flow, physical relaxation, and enjoying your creative process is essential for maintaining wellness while pursuing your goals. Building a deep appreciation and respect for how much energy and life force it takes to manifest goals in the physical world brings needed realism and practicality to your creative pursuits. Using your intuition to perceive the right timing around your plans or projects not only increases the level of clarity you have in what you are doing, but also produces greater effectiveness and efficiency in achieving your goals.

Identifying Potential Imbalances in Your Will
  • Being challenged around keeping your agreements and being your word
  • Struggling to be self-reliant and independent
  • Lacking the ability to control impulsiveness making it hard to respond to life situations with calm and poise
  • Demonstrating an obsessive need for change
  • Tending to teach, stand behind, or follow other people’s work instead of creating your own
  • Finding it difficult to experience balance in the various arenas of your life (home, relationships, self-care, etc.) while working on a project or goal
  • Being the rebel (in a way that is counter to your core values) instead of funneling your creative energy in a positive way
  • Struggling with being meticulous and focused when it matters most
  • Allowing perfectionism to hold you back from sharing your gifts and talents
  • Letting self-doubt and insecurity impact your ability to initiate your goals and plans
Principle of Mythic Transformation

By understanding the themes and dynamics pertaining to your mythic path, you are able to rewrite your personal mythology, thus making it possible to create a life that fully nourishes your soul.

Travel Compass

It is easier to navigate your mythic path and to take right action (knowing which choices, decisions, and actions support your highest potential) when you stay connected to your passion, to your deepest excitement, and to an understanding of the manifestations that feed your soul. It is embracing feeling capacities—self-nourishment, emotional awareness, ease, flow, and authentic enthusiasm—that will guide you along your path.

Warrior Declarations
A declaration is an intention to take action in a particular way or to adopt a certain way of being in the world. Using declarations is a great way to stay energetically connected to what you want to create in your life and a powerful way to remind yourself of the core life lessons that are a part of your mythic journey. Below are some possible declarations that focus on the healing movements and goals for a person walking a fire path.
  • I commit myself to finding an activity (e.g., learning a skill) where I can use my will forces to work through challenges and obstacles in a positive manner.
  • I choose to take off my armor and create a life that fully nourishes my soul now.
  • Instead of thinking that manifesting my goals involves struggle, conflict, and overcoming opposition, I choose to bring ease, flow, and grace into my creative process.
  • I release living in the future and instead choose to stay totally focused on taking right action in present time.
  • I choose to simplify my life in order to get in touch with the goals and pursuits that are reflective of my inner truth.
  • I choose to learn how to control my responses to stressful situations and to master self-restraint.
  • I release the need to rescue the people I care about who are in pain or who are struggling.
  • I am ready, willing, and able to transcend the pattern of supporting other people’s goals and dreams at the expense of manifesting my own.
  • Regardless of my fears, I choose to embrace my feelings and communicate my needs to others now.
  • I choose to learn how to be more compassionate and considerate toward others now.