Here are the words of a handful of Gary’s clients.
Having had experience with a great number of alternative healers, Gary and his work stand out as one of the best I’ve ever encountered. His multilayered approach to healing deep-seated unconscious beliefs that limit one’s ability to fully align with one’s highest purpose, is unparalleled. His healings are masterful and intuitive, and each session with Gary leaves me deeply transformed. He is truly a gift to this world.
Danel L.

I have been part of the Holistic Health and Healing community for 37 years, both on the East and West Coasts. I have been exposed to countless healing modalities, studied dozens of systems and practices. I have to say I have never experienced such a profound and radical shift of my consciousness in just a single session as I did when I saw Gary. Every level of my being was brought forth and given a voice. Gary’s level of sensitivity, intuitive abilities, and healing technologies which accessed my subconscious, unconscious, conscious, superconscious and mass consciousness to bring forth the information and guide me to seeing and clearing that which has held me back my whole life. The many technologies, both ancient and future, that Gary so skillfully employs reached from my lineage, to my physiology to my belief systems and cleared the issues at each level which had been causing limitations in my functioning. Supported by the affirmations and visualizations Gary gave me to follow up with at home, the improvement in my health, my thought process, self-awareness, and capacities have improved many fold. Unexpectedly I lost my craving for sweets, wake up earlier, have greater enthusiasm, increased self worth, improved ability to manage my thoughts, my reactions…and feel like I am transforming at a rapid rate.
Thea B.

Working with Gary was revealing, fascinating, enlightening… and fun. The methods he uses cut through the dramas and explanations I had built up over my lifetime and went directly to the truth. One of my most strongly believed stories about myself was turned inside out. That resulted in freeing me from entrenched and limiting behaviors. This is extremely valuable work for anyone who is interested in truly discovering themselves.
Sheila B.

The incorporation of the sidereal astrology charts into Gary’s therapy has rapidly opened up new channels of insight into my process and current situation, bringing clarity and focused direction to the steps I need to take. While his work has always been deep and thoroughly illuminating, the chart process now creates a clear map and framework for a more efficient path of therapy. I have Gary and his life work to thank for clarifying and guiding my progress along my own life journey. His work has been invaluable for teaching me the tools and placing me in the position of responsibility to walk my path.
Melanie O.

Working with Gary truly set my life in a new direction. In our first session together, he was able to understand where I was in my life today and help me understand the story that led me here. He uncovered things about my life that I never would have done on my own, and it set me on a path of healing myself and my patterns that have gotten in the way of my success and purpose. In working with him over a period of 5 sessions, I was able to transcend my old patterns into new ways of thinking and being so that I could develop new, healthier choices for my life going forward. Thanks to Gary I am in the process of creating a much happier and more meaningful life for myself.
Kendra S.

I began seeing Gary because I was experiencing a low white blood cell count that traditional medicine could not explain. I was put through many tests with no clear results. Each time I was told “if you get sick – call us right away – don’t wait” and at the same time “don’t worry about it”. I was so frustrated. After my first visit with Gary he informed me that I had an underlying infection in my jaw – due to prior dental work. He in turn referred me to a dentist who confirmed the infection and treated it. He also replaced all of the amalgam fillings in my mouth and replaced them with something other than mercury. Gary also found that a large scar across my abdomen, from prior surgery, was causing complications. I was referred to a holistic MD who treated my scar tissue and all complications I was experiencing went away. Lastly, he determined that a prior trip to Mexico had left me with parasites that traditional medicine did not detect even though I was very sick at the time. After receiving treatment, I am no longer experiencing any adverse effects. I must say that my journey with Gary has been very enlightening. I am no longer a skeptic about many things in life and my heart and mind are more open than they have ever been. Most importantly, I am feeling the best I ever have and my low white blood cell count has improved by 20% in just 6 months. Finally, I would like anyone who is considering a visit with Gary, but they just aren’t sure – do it! Make the appointment so that you too can begin “living” your life to the fullest, exactly the way you were meant to.
Rose B.

I feel extremely “unstuck” after speaking with Gary and would highly recommend him. He is a great thought partner in bringing one to ultimate self-awareness and allowing the person to carry this awareness with them as they make life decisions.
Elizabeth S.

My experience working with you has been extraordinary – accelerating my life path, revealing the true direction and the ways to get there! Thank you for sharing such amazing gifts, and so generously.
Jessica D.

Gary has created a unique and powerful system of healing and develoment that not only helps you release blocks keeping you from actualizing your greatest potentials, it also gives you the opportunity to cultivate deeper awareness, creativity and intuition in higher dimensions of consciousness. And as a coach/healer, Gary’s genuine care and interest that his clients really do evolve comes through in every session, so you feel completley supported in this process. I would recommend Gary to anyone who really wants to change and grow and explore new possibilities in life.
Kathy B.

Gary is one of the most skilled Practitioner /Teacher that I have met in the last 35 years. His depth of knowledge, sharp focus and dedication to you and his work is unsurpassed He has created a system that helps you find and implement the hidden keys to your Personal Transformation and True Callings. His understanding and study of multiple disciplines of healing, philosophy, metaphysics, psychology, science and physics would surprise me during every session. He is able to apply this knowledge to your unique set of circumstances. He helps you see what is holding you back and gives you the tools and practices necessary to move forward. If you are looking for someone or some system to “fix you” this is not it. You need to be 200% dedicated to your own metamorphosis in order to get the full benefit of his work. You also must also be wiling to go through the discomfort associated with profound change. If you are ready to experience for yourself how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly that this is for you.
Michael B.

Gary is intellectually curious and a voracious student of many schools of thought. He has synthesized all he as learned into a cohent therapeuetic modality that serves the highest spiritual aspirations of his clients, while being grounded in the practical steps of recreating onself. He is the essence of what it means to be a healer.
Susan L.

Gary is a gem. He provides insights and solutions into the most pressing of problems, while simultaneously putting you in touch with the deepest and most powerful aspects of your lfie and destiny. He takes you places you never knew you could go but never gives you more than you can handle. My life has changed permanently and perfectly, and for that I am incredibly grateful.
Dave G.

Gary Ferguson works at a surprisingly deep and unexpected level of consciousness. His work is both spiritual and pragmatic with a deep impact on how I have oriented my life and the unconscious conclusions I carry. It is undoubtedly wholesome and rejuvenating me at every level, including opening my heart in a way that I CAN live my deepest passions and share an ecstatic life with my partner. Anyone who wants to take a serious command of their life and mission must include Gary as one of your top priorities. Thanks and blessings Gary!
Laurie C.

Gary Ferguson is a rare healer and coach who carries an uncanny intuition and expresses it through genuine care for his clients. He taps the deep and often unconscious patterns that shape human life, and each individual life. By revealing the currents that drive me, he has accelerated my work as a musician and transformational guide, saving me literally months and even years of time figuring these out for myself! As a result, he has helped open the way to the most positive expression of autonomy and strength. My relationships, my work and my life are far more conscious and free as a result of my sessions with Gary. They have been truly invaluable. Thank you!
Jessica R.

If you are serious about hearing the truth and want to act on it, this is great work for that. It is not for the faint-hearted. It is spiritual work and it is work that is evolving. If you can’t bear insecurity, it might not be for you, but if you are serious about changing yourself, your health, your life this is for you.
Eva S.

Gary’s work has quickly identified and addressed the roots of my issues. Through muscle testing, he invites the client’s higher consciousness to lead to the next level of unfolding and healing, with dramatic results. His work is profound and deeply moving. I recommend this to anyone pursuing their deeper truths.
Marcia M.

With great skill, intuition, and compassion, Gary cuts through the extraneous and focuses on the most essential areas of my inner process that need attention. Each session delivers what I can honestly call “a breakthrough” from a previously unfathomable block to a burst of understanding. My work with Gary has been a crucial key for transforming chronically distressing patterns of dysfunction into areas of renewal, strength and inspiration. Thank you, Gary, for sharing your healing work!
Susan B.

During my work with Gary I have been able to make headway on issues that I have been working on with a counselor for years. In a short time he has helped me to see my situation much more clearly, create a path for change, and gain tools to make the changes I have been trying to make. He is kind and compassionate, and worked with me to help me to see the areas I have been unknowingly self-sabotaging through fear and my own learned behaviors. With his help I have been able to feel empowered enough to make change. My life is much different now, and I can only give thanks to Gary for helping me to create my new path!
Deb D.

My sessions with Gary were life-changing. I came to him with chronic back pain that no one else could help me with. With his intuitive wisdom and training he helped me pin-point the exact things I needed to do to live a fully vibrant and purposeful life. I’m back at the gym and in love with life!
Rachael Jayne Groover

Founder of The YIN Project

Blending his diverse background in kinesiology, shamanism, yoga, astrology, and archetypal studies, Gary Ferguson has created a truly unique system of healing for the body, mind, and soul. In addition to his wisdom and skill as a practitioner, Gary offers a depth and sensitivity that is informed by his personal journey. I’ve explored a lot of healing modalities over the years and, in my sessions with Gary, I always experience profound shifts and come away with new insights. One of the things I appreciate most about Gary’s work is that he helps to awaken my innate wisdom. His non-judgmental presence creates a field of safety, which makes it easy to go deep and transform. Since Gary suggests specific practices and affirmations to use after his sessions, I always feel empowered and inspired to continue the work that we began. I’m so grateful for everything I’ve learned and received from Gary. He is a true gift to this world!
Carrie G.

I believe Gary’s work is a reflection of the man he is, as a healer his work is profoundly impactful and like nothing else I’ve ever experienced, as a teacher, he makes his work accessible through the tools he gave me to continue working on my own. He is a blend of compassion and truth, (sometimes more truth than I’d like to hear), and as he directs me to my inner wisdom and voice I find in the end, that truth to be liberating. It isn’t easy work, digging around in long held fears or patterns of belief, but I cannot imagine a better healer and teacher to help guide me through them than Gary Ferguson.
Kristen R.

I am very happy to provide a testimonial for Gary’s work. As a long time client, I have found his work highly effective, gentle and accurate. With each session, I peel back yet another layer that has been in my way of experiencing pure joy and inner freedom. Gary is very grounded in his work and moves you through some difficult issues with ease and grace. Give it a try, I am certain you will be glad you did.
Alex D.

Gary is a genius. The way he has integrated many forms of energy work into one cohesive and compassionate process blew me away. I felt guided by Gary’s expertise and the clear presence of my Higher Being in our sessions. Working with Gary is not for the timid. His intuitive power and intelligence will bring you face to face with your truth. Be ready meet your most authentic self!
Natanya G.

I will and have recommended Gary to my closest friends and colleagues. My own personal experience is that Gary is brilliant at helping people to transition at major junctures in life through very confusing territory. He has helped me and friends to surface patterns that have affected our lives profoundly, yet we have remained ignorant of their influence. But this is not traditional psychotherapy… it is so much richer and more interesting. I love that Gary’s focus and emphasis is on creating a thriving and creative present and future… not on reprogramming the past. All the work on the past is simply to remove blocks and to utilize the positive nuggets stored within. Quite simply, Gary is a 21st Century wizard… capable of working miracles, and I am extremely grateful for having had the opportunity to work with him.
Elisa M.

Gary’s work is difficult to describe, but there is no doubt as to its effectiveness! He has created a unique synthesis of techniques drawn from several practices and traditions that combine into a powerful technique for identifying and resolving energetic blocks. I emerged from our sessions a different person, with a new level of clarity and empowerment. Thanks, Gary!
Phil W.

Gary is thoughtful and inspired and brings these to the sessions. He would always ‘check in’ energetically before the session and, sure enough, be right on target on where I was. That meant that the sessions moved qucikly and appropriately. He is strong and gentle, honest and kind, stellar and a star. His teachings and his help last long, long, long after each session. I am lucky to have Gary in my life.
Chandler C.