The Superior Athlete Within

Helping Athletes Demonstrate Their Fullest Potential When It Matters Most

The Superior Athlete Within utilizes recent breakthroughs in mind–body medicine, neuroscience, somatic psychology, and specialized kinesiology to help athletes perform their best under pressure. Athletes can work with Gary via individual mind-body performance coaching sessions or group workshops.



“The man who has no imagination has no wings.”
–Muhammad Ali

The Superior Athlete Within

What prevents athletes from consistently achieving optimal performance during a game or event? For many, it is the unrecognized subconscious beliefs and programming that interfere with or derail the countless hours and years of preparation, hard work, and dedication.

These under-explored factors are unconsciously carried into the performance setting, impacting an athlete’s ability to handle stress and respond optimally to game-time situations. Because these influencers are subconsciously linked to an athlete’s performance, they are beyond the reach of cognitive behavioral interventions—reciting affirmations, engaging positive thinking, or using guided imagery.

Resolution of these factors requires a deeper journey. A journey within to reclaim the athlete’s true potential—unhampered by the conditioning of one’s childhood, traumatic or un-preferred life events, or unsupportive emotional and mental training or habits.

This is what separates this work from other performance coaching models. Gary employs muscle monitoring as a biofeedback mechanism to pinpoint the specific patterns and beliefs that:

  • Deny an athlete’s development;
  • Feed self-defeating behaviors;
  • Inhibit the ability to handle performance anxiety during a game;
  • Diminish the ability to recover from an injury; and
  • Shorten careers.

By using the body to access the psyche, the athlete can achieve results quickly. Talk therapy or verbal coaching cannot match the effectiveness and efficiency of this work which goes below the known “story” and conscious beliefs about what is happening. The body can be relied on to both recognize and clear the limiting patterns that suppress the Superior Athlete Within. There is no guessing—only the precision available through muscle monitoring and mind-body based interventions.

Principle of the Superior Athlete

An athlete’s true potential is consistently accessible when they recognize and transcend the limiting mental and emotional conditioning that enters into the performance setting.



The Reclamation Cycle

Temperament Assessment—recognizing an athlete’s disposition and temperament patterns regarding how they think, feel, and act under pressure serves as the larger framework for reclaiming the Superior Athlete Within.

Stress Analysis—using muscle monitoring as a biofeedback mechanism allows for stress to be detected within the various components of an athlete’s development: learning process, performance roles, skill attainment, healing ability and resiliency, game scenarios, social dynamics, and career/life integration.

Uncovering Limiting Subconscious Programming—once stress patterns have been identified, the body can be used (via muscle monitoring) to pinpoint the subconscious blueprints and specific life events that are being carried forward into the performance setting—limiting both personal and team goals.

Stress Diffusion and Mind-Body Integration—similar to the body’s ability to detect stress, it can also be used to identify the specific interventions that eliminate stress in the brain, and that enhance mind-body integration and healing.

Embodied Awareness & Aesthetic Perception—tools that can be used to support an athlete in being able to replicate past successes, get comfortable in new or hostile playing environments, achieve greater efficiency and consistency during play, and build personal confidence and focus while performing under pressure.

Enlivened Training—engages the art of imaginative thinking to facilitate the capacity to self-correct during practices and training. Through this process, the athlete becomes their own master teacher, able to execute creative solutions to in-game and competitive challenges.



Benefits of the Work

  • Gives an athlete a clear path to performance enhancement and personal development
  • Identifies an athlete’s mental and emotional strengths and weaknesses
  • Improves sensorimotor skills and coordination
  • Enhances concentration and focus
  • Increases flow states and “being in the zone” during practices and games
  • Improves self-regulation and the ability to perform well under pressure
  • Speeds up recovery from injury and promotes career longevity
  • Helps players create greater balance and wellness in their lives
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Principle of the Superior Athlete

By learning how to access embodied awareness and implicit knowing, creative solutions to in-game and competitive challenges are available on a consistent basis.