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The Mythic Air Path of the
Magician and High Priestess

A Mythic Journey Focused on Thinking & Imagination

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Walking the Mythic Air Path of the Magician and High Priestess

Based on your profile results you are walking the Mythic Path of the Magician and High Priestess. This path focuses on learning lessons around thinking and on utilizing higher forms of awareness, especially imagination, to produce mental clarity and inner stability. Transcending patterns of judgement and interpretation about yourself, others, and the world, while also transforming hardened beliefs (earth), are at the core of this path. For those walking this path, it is often easier to have greater clarity about other people’s life situations (especially if they are in need) than your own life. In part, this is due to a natural impulse to support or caretake for other people’s goals, projects, and dreams, rather than listening to your inner knowing and designing a life that reflects your truth.

Discovering the deeper meaning of your life on the air path requires transcending the instinctual impulse to jump into solving the immediate problems around you. Instead, you must learn to pause, evaluate, and then choose actions based on your core needs and inner longings. To support you in this shift, it is essential to create a physical environment and support structures that reinforce your passion and purpose. In addition, having practices of self-exploration that examine your core beliefs and values will naturally lead to personal empowerment and also decrease the likelihood of sabotaging yourself in key life situations or critical decisions. Exploring a variety of life experiences and different pursuits as a means to discovering your passion is also important; but once you find “it,” it is essential to fully commit to that activity in order to live your legacy and to create a deeply nourishing relationship to life.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Recognizing the soul function at the center of your life journey shines light upon
the qualities of your Authentic Self and empowers you as you navigate the challenging moments of life.

Reclaiming Your Authentic Self

As a byproduct of instinctually (rather than consciously) emphasizing your thinking capacities to “fit into” your family and your environment while growing up, your Authentic Self was suppressed. A powerful step in discovering and reclaiming the parts of you that were denied in this “fitting in” and adaptive process, is to identify and temper the limiting or fixed patterns in your thinking. Review how you have used your thinking to navigate your life. Focus on the life events where your thinking produced an unpreferred or a limiting outcome. If you have difficulty, start with an unpreferred outcome in your life and look backwards to determine which thinking patterns contributed to this end result. Use the list below as inspiration for identifying the thinking-related patterns and imbalances that need your attention.

Identifying Potential Imbalances in Your Thinking
  • Losing interest in goals or projects if the end result isn’t clear or if your pursuits get questioned or judged by others
  • Valuing your mental capacities to the exclusion of your emotions and your embodied awareness
  • Lacking perseverance—finding it difficult to complete projects or to follow tasks all the way through, especially when they are “for you”
  • Allowing considerations and rationalizations to stop you from exploring your passions, goals, and interests
  • Demonstrating blind optimism at the expense of perceiving the full reality of what you are experiencing
  • Being a chameleon and altering yourself to be what others need you to be
  • Flitting around instead of staying focused on the activities that produce lasting positive change in your life
  • Experiencing confusion around creating your own support structures, even though you shine when operating within other people’s structures—at school, work, etc.
  • Sabotaging yourself in key moments in your life due to being disconnected from your core values and needs
  • Struggling to simplify your life and to create an organized, uncluttered space that supports your creative pursuits
Principle of Mythic Transformation

Transforming the imbalances and limiting patterns in your thinking establishes a powerful foundation for creating a more authentic and nourishing relationship to life.

A Practice of Remembrance

An additional step in reclaiming your Authentic Self is to create a practice of remembering past events, no matter how small, when you experienced a positive result in the physical world and a sense of inner wellness as a direct result of how you used your thinking. Utilize all your senses when you revisit those moments in your life. Imagine the events as if they are happening in present time. Focus on anchoring in the feeling of right thinking in your body. Write down, in as much detail as possible, how those moments feel somatically and kinesthetically rather than what you are experiencing mentally or emotionally. Create a regular practice of remembering how right thinking feels in your body, especially before making important life decisions.

Travel Compass

Another helpful tool to temper the imbalances in your thinking and to reclaim your Authentic Self is to use your travel compass to direct you to the realm of right relations. This realm, or orientation to life, places an emphasis on paying attention to the harmony and balance (or lack thereof) that exists in your relationships, in the external structures of your life, and within your body. Focusing your attention on these aspects of your life naturally connects you to the earth element! You will know if you are headed in the right direction based on the health of those parts of your life. Embracing relational-oriented capacities—such as committing to right place and right environment, playing with people who are aligned with your core values, creating life structures that support your passion, and enhancing embodied awareness—will bring ease, flow, and harmony to your path. Take a moment to identify the activities you can embrace in your life to more fully connect to the relational realm of earth.

Getting Acquainted With Your Inner Magician or High Priestess

What do you picture when you think about the Magician or High Priestess archetypes? If you could look at the Magician or High Priestess part of yourself in the mirror, what would he or she look like? Before receiving this overview, did you see yourself as a Magician or High Priestess in some aspect of your life? If so, in what capacity? If not, why not? How does the Magician or High Priestess part of you want to be utilized in your life right now?