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Walking the Mythic Air Path of the Magician/High Priestess

The mythic path of the Magician/High Priestess focuses on learning lessons around thinking and on utilizing higher forms of awareness, especially imagination, to produce mental clarity and inner stability. Problem solving and being able to transform limited thinking and hardened beliefs (earth) are at the core of this path. You might find that you have greater clarity concerning other people’s lives and situations (especially if they are in need) than you have about your own life. In part, this is due to a natural impulse to support and to caretake for other people’s goals, projects, and dreams, rather than listening to your inner knowing and discovering what deeply moves your soul. Developing greater self-awareness and being faithful to your needs and dreams are essential building blocks to understanding your true potential and the possibilities that exist for your life.

With this in mind, it is important to create a physical environment and external support structures that reinforce your passion and purpose, giving you the motivation you need to understand where you want to direct your gifts. Having clarity about your intentions and life goals, and evaluating your core beliefs and values, leads to personal empowerment and prevents sabotaging yourself in key life situations. It is important to have a variety of life experiences and to try different pursuits to discover your passion; but once you find “it,” it is important to fully commit to that activity in order to actualize your gifts and to experience inner serenity and peace.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Recognizing your life as a mythic journey highlights the lessons that are hidden underneath your life challenges and reveals how your challenges are secretly guiding you to reclaim your authentic self and your creative potential.

Essential Soul Capacities for the Magician/High Priestess

There are a variety of soul capacities (skills, aptitudes, or abilities) that enable a person walking an air path to demonstrate their true potential and to create a life that is reflective of their truth. However, there are three capacities that are essential for successfully navigating the path of the Magician/High Priestess because they temper common imbalances in a person’s thinking. The capacities described below focus on what is needed to:

  • discover and share your gifts,
  • create personal wellness and soul nourishment, and
  • transcend the limiting patterns that hold you back.

Discovering & Sharing Your Unique Gifts – Autonomy
Autonomy involves energetically and psychically separating from those in your environment so you can reconnect to your core, utilize your inner compass, and tap into your inner wisdom. Deepening your awareness of how you react to incoming sensations, ideas, and information, is vital for staying connected to your personal truth. Operating from within your core values, understanding your feelings and needs, and having a clear vision of what you want to create in your life, helps to establish a relationship to the world around you where you are able to share your unique gifts.

Creating Personal Wellness & Soul Nourishment – Devotion
Devotion focuses on finding the topics, issues, or practices where you can apply devotional thinking. As you become deeply immersed in the study of a particular field, your life is aligned—experiencing clarity around what belongs in your life and what doesn’t. Devotional thinking also produces a feeling of deepened connection to the divine and to being guided by a higher power. Inner confidence grows out of knowing that you are being asked to study something that is important for your personal development and for the benefit of humanity and the planet.

Transcending the Limiting Patterns That Hold You Back – Passion
Passion is about embracing the activities that bring you joy and deep satisfaction and creating a lifestyle that supports you being in those states as much as possible. As you consistently reinforce the feeling of joy and exuberance in your body, the behaviors (especially caretaking—placing the needs of others above your own) that limit your potential and creative freedom are naturally revealed. The beautiful, joyful experiences of life will, by contrast, show you the limiting patterns that need your attention so you can be true to who you are and to the life you want to create.

Enhancing Your Creative Process

Enhancing your creative process starts with being clear about your goals and intentions within the various arenas of your life (self, relationship with others, career/finances, family/home, and spirituality), and secondly, paying attention to how external factors alter your intended course of action. Understanding how you allow your environment and other people to disconnect you from staying focused on manifesting your personal goals is one of the most empowering insights you can have for being true to your creative process. It is important to refrain from making unnecessary changes and to consciously create stability in order to help you pursue your goals. Being grounded in your body and listening to its wisdom during your creative process will help you navigate perceived blockages and challenges.

Identifying Potential Imbalances in Your Thinking
  • Losing interest in goals or projects if the end result isn’t clear or if your pursuits get questioned by others
  • Valuing your mental capacities to the exclusion of your emotions and your embodied awareness
  • Lacking perseverance—finding it difficult to complete projects and follow tasks all the way through, especially when they are “for you”
  • Allowing considerations and rationalizations to stop you from exploring your passions, goals, and interests
  • Demonstrating blind optimism at the expense of perceiving the full reality of what you are experiencing
  • Being a chameleon and altering yourself to be what others need you to be
  • Flitting around instead of staying focused on the activities that produce lasting positive change in your life
  • Experiencing confusion around creating your own support structures, even though you shine when you are operating within other people’s structures—at school, or work, etc.
  • Sabotaging yourself in key moments in your life due to being disconnected from your core values and needs
  • Struggling to simplify your life and to create an organized, uncluttered space that supports your creative pursuits
Principle of Mythic Transformation

By understanding the themes and dynamics pertaining to your mythic path, you are able to rewrite your personal mythology, thus making it possible to create a life that fully nourishes your soul.

Travel Compass

Navigating your mythic path and experiencing clarity about the deeper meaning of your life is accomplished by paying attention to the harmony and balance that exists in your relationships, in the external structures of your life, and within your body. The state of those three things will always let you know if you are headed in the right direction. Embracing relational-oriented capacities—committing to right place and right environment, playing with people who are aligned with your core values, creating life structures that support your passion, and enhancing embodied awareness—will guide you along your path.

Magician/High Priestess Declarations
A declaration is an intention to take action in a particular way or to adopt a certain way of being in the world. Using declarations is a great way to stay energetically connected to what you want to create in your life and a powerful way to remind yourself of the core life lessons that are a part of your mythic journey. Below are declarations that focus on the healing movements and goals for a person walking an air path.
  • I choose to clarify my beliefs and values in order to keep myself from sabotaging my life in key situations.
  • I am ready, willing, and able to embrace a contemplative/devotional practice in my life now.
  • I choose to temper my propensity for changeability so I can create stability and ease in my life.
  • I release the need to caretake for other people’s projects, goals, or problems.
  • I am ready, willing, and able to create relationships and an external environment that are in harmony with my truth now.
  • I give myself permission to ask for the support I need now.
  • I release living life on a cursory level and commit myself to experiencing depth in my interactions and pursuits.
  • I choose to utilize my imagination as the path to personal freedom.
  • I release being a Jack/Jill-of-all-trades and choose to focus my creativity and gifts in one direction now.
  • I choose to learn how to listen to and access the wisdom of my body to help me navigate my life now.