Ferguson Signature Courses


Based on his 20-plus years of teaching and working privately with clients, Gary has designed a series of courses to enhance the soul’s creative potential and guide others through the evolutionary journey of fulfilling their sacred calling. The courses are organized within two streams of instruction. The first stream utilizes the Twelve Mythic Paths® framework as a backdrop to exploring personal development, unlocking creative potential, and navigating the challenging moments of life. The second stream of courses offers tools and techniques for accessing inner wisdom as the foundation for personal empowerment. Both streams focus on reclaiming one’s creative authenticity and sharing one’s unique gifts as foundations for creating a more beautiful life for self and others.


Courses & Programs within the
Twelve Mythic Paths® Framework

Reclaiming Your Authentic Self

The Path to Unlocking Your Creative Potential

The first program in the Mythic Path series focuses on guiding you to recognize the core subconscious strategies you unconsciously used to bond with your family of upbringing and to create a persona in the outer world; both of which have prevented the Authentic Self—your true potential and light—to be shared with the world. These two dynamics in the psyche hide the Authentic Self and perpetuate living from a place of separation and lack. Reclaiming the Authentic Self becomes a process of bringing to light how your core conditioning is experienced within each of the five life arenas and how that conditioning has fueled painful and un-preferred life events. As you transcend the roles and strategies related to your Need Fulfillment Blueprint (NFB)—the internal blueprint used to bond with your family, and to your Persona—the way in which the psyche found its external relationship to the world beyond your family, it becomes possible to reclaim the Authentic Self.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Suppressed by instinctual programming and conditioning is the Authentic Self, the part of you that, once reclaimed, becomes a guiding force in honoring your creative truth and creating positive change in the world.

Navigating Your Mythic Path

Utilizing Your Soul Map to Guide Your Life

The second program in the Mythic Path series focuses on clarifying the mythic story you are living. Through examining your biography and the deeper material underneath your life experiences (versus the narrative your mind tells about them), you begin to recognize the themes that make up your mythic story. Identifying those themes illuminates the limiting and inauthentic patterns that live within the four soul functions of thinking, feeling, willing (how you take action), and relating (social dynamics and patterns). By using aesthetic perception, embodied awareness, and enlivened thinking, you will learn to lift the veil of illusion that hides the true causative forces behind painful and limiting patterns and events. What emerges is a soul map containing the core destinations in your life journey that relate to your evolutionary and self-growth process. Seeing your journey on a soul map removes the blame, shame, and judgement that often becomes projected onto the self when you are working through challenging inner and outer patterns and dynamics.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

It is an illusion to define yourself as a person who is experiencing a particular limiting pattern or behavior (e.g., I’m angry). You are simply visiting a destination on your mythic path that is triggering a pattern, response, or behavior within you. Each destination contains a particular life lesson, which, once learned, becomes a mechanism for transformation and change.

The Grail Quest

Drink from the Cup of Your Unlimited Self

The third program in the Mythic Path series utilizes the Grail myth as a backdrop to discovering your vision for humanity and the core values that stand behind your beliefs and actions. Through individual and group processes you will imaginatively build your Camelot and understand what is most alive in you on a creative level. You will also pinpoint the patterns you use to deny your most expanded self. The question, “Whom does the Grail serve?” will guide you through the program to an understanding of the ancestral and familial patterns you are perpetuating (most likely on an unconscious level), and which are interfering with you making the choices that most appropriately align your life to your creative authenticity. This program is a deep journey into the archetypal world, the mythic realm, and your heart—where the world you want to create and be a part of resides.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

As you commit to living from your core values and to creating something bigger than yourself—something that benefits humanity—you paradoxically receive in return that which most nourishes your soul.

Answering the Sacred Call

The Alchemical Process of Sharing Your Gifts with the World

The final program in the Mythic Path series focuses on bringing to light the way in which you respond to the challenging moments of life. It is not what happens in the beautiful moments of your life that determines your destiny, but rather how you handle setbacks, disappointments, pain, un-preferred relational dynamics, and the unknown. As you recognize your modus operandi around discomfort, you empower yourself to distill the gold out of the challenging moments of life—alchemically transforming your pain in order to discover your future self on the other side of that which you are experiencing. This process of becoming is your sacred calling—the sharing of your unique gifts for the betterment of humanity.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Hidden within your life challenges and struggles lie the gold of your transformation and the keys to fulfilling your sacred calling

Discovering Your Unique Path of Healing

A Program for Reclaiming Your Health and Transforming Your Life

This program has been designed to support anyone facing a life-challenging illness. It offers a unique framework that highlights both the visible and hidden components of your life that are perpetuating stress and dis-ease—impeding your receptivity to treatment and separating you from experiencing a life that fully nourishes your soul. Once you access your own inner wisdom and latent healing ability, symptoms and experiences become road signs guiding you through your healing process. By distilling the gold out of your illness, you not only create a foundation for true health and wellness, but you also discover the deeper meaning of your life, including the creative gifts and expressions that bring beauty to your life and to the lives of others.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Everything experienced during a health challenge, especially situations that unleash strong emotional responses, is guiding you to recognize the core patterns and dynamics that are perpetuating stress and dis-ease in your body and in your life.

Making Music with the Gods and Goddesses®

The Path of the Musician and the Soul’s Journey

This special program for musicians expands upon the Pathways to Performance Mastery (PTPM) program and focuses on using what arises in a musician’s career as a platform for personal growth and transformation. The program uses the Twelve Mythic Paths® framework to identify how a musician’s temperament, life experiences, and psychological conditioning play a part in molding one’s strengths and weaknesses as a player. As a musician notices what they bring into the music-making process, especially the patterns and behaviors that limit their potential and impede performance, core dynamics and life lessons are illuminated that are essential to address in order to produce long-term health and wellness. It is impossible to separate one’s life from their creative process, yet that is often the mindset of a musician. This program offers tools and techniques that enhance one’s playing and enrich one’s life.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Unlocking your creative potential and your unique gifts entails recognizing the characteristics and qualities you bring to your craft. By utilizing perceived challenges or weaknesses in your playing as an invitation to mine your own soul, you discover who you are and what you are choosing to learn in your life’s journey.

Tools and Techniques for Your Mythic Journey

Archetypal Mediation®

A Framework for Navigating the Inner Self

This program offers an innovative and safe approach to utilizing inner dialogue work to transcend patterns of inner resistance and limiting behaviors. This technique not only brings to light the core conditioning and programming from your childhood, but also creates an understanding of how to reclaim your creative authenticity. By recognizing your instinctual programming (via the Mythic Path Profile) and using Gary’s framework for identifying archetypal expressions, you will experience great freedom and safety in navigating the inner self. You will learn to stay at the wheel of your life’s ship by honoring the autonomous archetypal energies of your psyche without giving away your power to those parts of your psyche that are aligned with instinctual patterns of adaptation and bonding. As you demystify your inner self, entanglements and life experiences in the outer world become clear, and you are able to transcend the patterns that deny your creative truth.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Recognizing the true nature of your psyche and creating a relationship with the autonomous archetypal energies that stand behind your thoughts, feelings, and actions empowers you to fully reclaim ownership of your life. Transforming your external life begins with transforming your inner self.

A Soul Gesture® Practice

The Art of Embodied Awareness

Perceiving and listening to the wisdom that arises through the body is a powerful way to keep inner work practical and applicable to real life issues and experiences. Insights gained through spiritual practices can often seem esoteric and challenging to make sense of and apply in your everyday life. The Soul Gesture® practice can be used to further illuminate what surfaces through a meditation or contemplative practice, the messages from your dreams, the hidden dynamics in social situations, and reoccurring limiting behaviors and patterns.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Embodied Awareness—recognizing the language of your body and perceiving its reactions to various aspects of your life is one of the most powerful tools you can adopt for navigating your mythic path.


A Technique for Becoming Your Own Master Healer

This program presents a powerful self-healing technique which combines Jin Shin Jyutsu finger holds (utilizing an expanded understanding of the neurological systems associated with each finger) with the nine eye-modes, representing psychological dynamics and patterns within the soul. Learning this technique will allow you to recognize the hidden patterns and energetics that are impacting your life, to understand the relationship between your inner life and the outer world, and to identify the specific corrections and healing movements that enhance mind-body healing, decrease emotional pain and discomfort, and produce feelings of safety and wellness.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

By utilizing the sacred design of the body, you possess the ability to discover and transform the inner dynamics and the outer influences impacting both your wellness and your ability to create the life you want.

Malady to Myth®

The Art of Imaginative Healing

This program expands on the mythic framework offered by the Twelve Mythic Paths® process by connecting the limiting patterns and trials associated with your mythic path to resonant mythology and folk or fairy tales. Through this connection you will not only tap into archetypal wisdom from your unconscious, but also have at your disposal powerful images and symbols to use in an art, meditation, movement, or sacred sleep practice. By following in the footsteps of mythic figures who have walked a similar path, you will access both ancient and inner wisdom for navigating life’s challenges and trials.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Engaging mythic figures who have walked a similar path can inspire you to recognize the core life lesson(s) underneath your setbacks and challenges, and show you how to use that information to demonstrate your fullest potential and to actualize your unique gifts.

The Alchemical Laboratory Called Life®

Keys to Restoring Inner Wholeness and Outer Harmony

Formula: S – I + QE/EA + E + AA + N + HE = RS This program utilizes the above formula in conjunction with the Alchemical Barometer as a pioneering framework for recognizing the deeper meaning beneath your emotional responses to life. Hidden within your emotions are unmet needs, potential healing movements for your life, and aspects of the self that are asking to be reclaimed. Embracing your pain and discomfort instead of pushing it away or numbing it enables you to distill the gold out of your challenging life events and to become the master of your life—experiencing true personal empowerment.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Hidden within your emotional responses to life are the keys to reclaiming your authentic self and to creating a life that nourishes your soul.

The Charting Process®

Mapping the Inner Landscape of Your Life’s Journey

The Charting Process® is a modern, active-imagination process that utilizes embodied awareness as a gateway to unlocking inner wisdom and creative insights. It is a powerful, fun technique that can help you resolve challenging life events, expand your vision of the options and opportunities in your life, and pinpoint the limiting patterns that are holding you back. Active-imagination techniques can often be challenging for non-visual learners, but the Charting Process® combines kinesthetic, auditory, and visual processes thus making it one of the most powerful and easy tools available for personal empowerment.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Utilizing imaginative consciousness to recognize the subtle energetic dynamics within the themes and patterns of your life’s journey empowers you to recognize the choices that are most in alignment with your creative truth.

Taming Test Anxiety

Mind-Body Interventions for Enhancing Performance

This program supports anyone desiring to perform better under pressure, especially when taking tests or making presentations. The Taming Test Anxiety system breaks down the learning process and identifies where stress enters into the processes of absorbing, processing, organizing, retaining, and recalling information. Deepening your understanding of how you learn unlocks your ability to excel at anything you decide to do in your life. Learning how to tap into the felt sense in your body during the learning process will empower you to recognize exactly what you need to support how your brain works, to keep your mind more focused, and to control your nerves, so you can demonstrate your fullest potential when it matters most.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Recognizing your learning style and understanding how to prepare for performing under pressure are keys to manifesting a life that actualizes your creative potential.

The Practice

Transcending the Veils of Illusion

This program focuses on utilizing the limiting or painful patterns and themes gleaned from your mythic path as material for engaging a personal practice. There are benefits to almost all spiritual traditions and inner practices, yet the trap is to escape into the practice without working on the material that is pertinent to transforming your life. By translating the limiting or painful patterns and themes that have been a part of your mythic journey into inner pictures, you have at your disposal the substances needed for true transformation. Working with images in a meditation or contemplative practice, in a sacred sleep practice, or in an art or movement practice, peels away the veils of illusion perpetuated by the mind. Your individualized practice then becomes a true alchemical and transformative process. To know thyself is a lifelong pursuit, but even at the beginning stages of the ascent up the spiritual mountain, enough is known about the self to create a personalized practice that addresses the limiting patterns that deny your ability to create the life you want.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

The key to effective transformation is to create an inner practice that utilizes recurrent patterns and themes from your mythic journey and to work with them on a daily basis.

Crisis to Clarity®

Discovering Your Sacred Calling in the Challenging Moments of Life

Crisis to Clarity® is a 4-week online program that combines live seminars, educational videos, and an online community platform to support people in distilling the gold out of their challenging life events. The program offers a unique framework and set of tools that empowers participants to understand the deeper meaning behind their life struggles and to use that clarity to manifest a life where they are sharing their creative authenticity and experiencing a life with more purpose, passion, and meaning.

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Learning how to navigate your life challenges enhances your ability to answer the sacred call and to share your unique gifts for the betterment of humanity.