The Mythic Path Profile

Understanding the Hidden Story that Guides Your Life

Principle of Mythic Transformation

Recognizing your life as a mythic journey awakens you to the evolutionary impulses of your soul and to the life lessons you have chosen to learn to unlock your creative potential.

The Mythic Path Profile is a powerful new framework for navigating your life’s journey. In contrast to other systems that focus on defining or labeling your type, temperament, or character, the Mythic Path Profile identifies the mythic themes in your life, including the potential dynamics, roles, challenges, patterns, and lessons you have chosen to experience during your life’s journey. The unique features of your life journey tell a story, a mythic story. Understanding this personal myth creates deeper meaning, increased passion to follow your dreams, and greater alignment with the higher purpose of your life.

There are many intriguing ways to learn about yourself, but none are more essential and transformative than understanding the way in which you altered yourself to bond with your family of upbringing and to fit into your environment when you were a child. This early conditioning involved emphasizing one of the four soul functions—your thinking, your feeling nature, your will impulses (how you take action in the world) or your relating function (how you learned to relate to others). The soul function you emphasized to fit into your family set you on a particular path, one that is guiding you to learn certain life lessons and one that is ultimately leading you to your destiny. The soul function at the core of your conditioning from your childhood is what the Mythic Path Profile identifies.

Understanding the soul function you emphasized to bond with your family is essential for two reasons:

  • First, at the core of the human experience lie these four soul functions. There is nothing else more fundamental to the human experience than your thinking, your feeling nature, your will impulses, and your relational dynamics.
  • Second, the soul function that you emphasized to bond with your family arose instinctually—sourced from your subconscious mind’s response to fit in and to survive. That same response is retriggered when you experience trials, traumatic events, challenges, setbacks, and disappointments.
Once you have identified the soul function at the core of your mythic journey, you have a unique and empowering framework from which to successfully navigate and resolve what it is that you are experiencing in your life.

Another byproduct of utilizing the framework from the Mythic Path Profile, is that it allows you to work through your life challenges and struggles with less blame, guilt, resistance, and regret. Challenges and limiting patterns are viewed as destinations you are choosing to visit on your mythic path in order to learn the life lessons that support your growth, evolution, and healing. Through this framework the lessons that are connected to challenging life events and limiting patterns, which are often not easy to recognize, become visible. They turn into signposts that can guide you in fulfilling your sacred calling—the sharing of your unique gifts for the betterment of humanity.

There is personal empowerment that comes from understanding your conscious patterns and characteristics, but many experts agree that subconscious conditioning dictates up to 85% of a person’s life experience. The Mythic Path Profile is specifically designed to identify these deeper subconscious influences on your life. This deeper understanding of your subconscious conditioning provides a foundation and framework for navigating your entire life journey rather than just focusing on change at the level of your outer personality. This creates a more enduring transformation that supports you as you evolve, navigate life transitions, and enter into the second half of life. By seeing the dynamic between the conscious and subconscious parts of your mind and by holding your life as a mythic journey, you are able to recognize the bigger picture of your life—why you are here, what you are being asked to learn, where you are headed, and what you have to share with humanity.

When you discover Your Mythic Path, you will have a powerful framework for:
  • Understanding the conditioning from your childhood that is dictating your life experiences
  • Transcending the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors holding you back from creating the life you want
  • Transforming life challenges into opportunities for growth and learning
  • Transmuting painful life events into positive energy that can be used to manifest your dreams and goals
  • Turning your life into a mythic adventure
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The Twelve Mythic Paths
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