Working with Gary

Core Principle of Healing & Transformation

Hidden within all of life’s challenges is an invitation to reclaim your creative authenticity and to discover the deeper meaning of your life.

Soul Dynamics Coaching

Gary’s one-on-one work provides a powerful framework for understanding the deeper meaning of your life, unlocking your creative potential, and navigating the self-transformation and healing process. Regardless of whether you are seeing Gary for a health challenge, personal transformation work, or to unlock your artistic voice as a musician, Gary’s work provides a unique process that will help you to access your own inner wisdom. While working with Gary, you will learn practical tools and skills to help you transcend the limiting patterns holding you back from living a life that reflects your true potential and fulfills the deeper needs of your soul.

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Ways to Work with Gary

In-person Kinesiology Work

—utilizes the body as a gateway to accessing information about what is needed to unlock your potential via muscle response testing (kinesiology). This is a powerful way to work beyond the mind’s narrative which often obscures the road signs hidden within life’s challenges that are pointing you toward your creative authenticity. The body not only stores the patterns, dynamics, and issues that are at the root of your situation, but it can also be used to pinpoint the healing movements and corrections that diffuse stress, enhance mind-body healing, resolve painful life entanglements, and promote long-term health and wellness.

Remote Work

—became a necessity when clients across the globe wanted access to Gary’s work! To match the effectiveness of his in-person work, Gary created a long-distance kinesiology framework that has proven to be incredibly accurate in identifying the energetic dynamics and patterns that are impacting his client’s lives. Combining the kinesiology framework with his Soul Dynamics Coaching & Training Program (a depth psychological and somatically inspired program), he empowers his clients to understand how to resolve what they are experiencing and to clearly see the deeper meaning of their life. Remote work can be done via Zoom, Skype, or over the phone.

Gary’s work is focused in three distinct arenas. Follow the links below to learn how Gary’s work can help you.
Soul Dynamics Coaching
Gary’s work with cancer patients and people with life challenging illnesses
Soul Dynamics Coaching
Gary’s self-reclamation and personal growth work
Soul Dynamics Coaching
Gary’s mind-body performance coaching with musicians
If you want to:
  • Understand the movements that can heal your body;
  • Discover the deeper meaning of your life;
  • Resolve painful relational dynamics and patterns;
  • Reclaim your creative potential; and
  • Make positive change in the world by sharing your gifts
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