Gary’s Health and Wellness Work

Healing the Soul as the Foundation for Healing the Body

There are many approaches to healing the body, but few that address where dis-ease starts—that is, in the soul. When Gary works with someone facing a physical malady, the focus is on pinpointing what lies underneath the dis-ease in the body: suppressed and unfulfilled dreams, relational entanglements, traumas, setbacks and disappointments, creative expressions that want to be honored, patterns that are perpetuating stress, or ancestral influences.

When those variables are identified and healed, an individual’s body becomes receptive to healing and there is clarity about what they need to do, including the specific treatments, activities, pursuits, and approaches to healing, that are essential for restoring wellness in their life.

Gary has worked with thousands of clients with physical challenges and through noting what clients did to reclaim their health and wellness, and what healing movements were essential to their healing process, a formula for achieving wellness became clear. This formula is utilized in both his in-person kinesiology work and in his Soul Dynamics® online coaching & training program.

There are clear markers along the healing path that tell a person whether they are heading in the right direction. A particular feeling arises in a person’s soul, even if it is incredibly subtle, and that feeling lets them know they have made an important shift and have created a foundation for healing. Combining Gary’s work with body-centric modalities and practices (acupuncture, herbal medicine, bodywork, energy practices, homeopathy, dietary changes, detoxification, chiropractic treatments, movement practices, and I.V. therapies) help remind the body how to rejoin the river of life. This holistic approach to healing not only produces harmony in the body, but in all facets of an individual’s life.

Ultimately, the goal of Gary’s work is to identify, access, and reclaim what was suppressed early in an individual’s life by altering themselves to fit into their family of upbringing. Illness is one expression of that pattern of suppression and interacting with one’s illness on a soul level offers a unique gateway to reclaiming one’s wholeness and recognizing the patterns that deny it. This work sets itself apart from other approaches to healing because self-reclamation is the ultimate destination—helping a person reclaim what is most beautiful, creative, unique, and authentic within them and supporting them in sharing that version of themselves with the world. When that occurs, the dis-ease that was expressing itself through the body lets go. It has done its job, guiding the individual back into the river of life and to a life that reflects their true nature and purpose.

Core Principle of Restoring Health and Wellness

When soul issues are addressed and healed, the treatments that are chosen for restoring balance and wellness to the body are optimized.

By working with Gary, you will:

  • Feel empowered during your healing journey,
  • Understand what is getting in the way of your healing process,
  • Tap into the healing resources that lie within you,
  • Learn how to manage your stress,
  • Discover the deeper meaning of your life,
  • Align your life to support your creative authenticity,
  • Identify the approaches to healing that best restore wellness to your body and to your life,
  • Work through limiting patterns without shame, blame, and judgement, and
  • Reclaim your full potential and the capacity to create a life that deeply nourishes your soul.
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