The Cancer Transcendence® Program

A Mythic Journey of Self-Reclamation


Principle of Cancer Transcendence

How your body expresses its dis-ease and how you respond mentally and emotionally to your cancer diagnosis contain clues that can lead you to understanding the deeper meaning of your life.

The Cancer Transcendence® Program offers an innovative set of tools and techniques to help you translate your body’s expression of dis-ease and your response to navigating the cancer experience into an understanding of the deeper meaning of your life.

Philosophically, the CT program holds the vision that reclaiming the creative expressions that are yearning to have a voice in your life and embracing the life changes that give birth to those parts of yourself, are foundational aspects of healing the soul as well as the body.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can often feel as though you have been ripped away from the life you thought was yours. In what may feel like a blink of an eye, you can be thrown into a new and different world—one that may include needing to make major life decisions (often under extreme pressure) and feeling as though others are determining the fate of your wellbeing. Post-diagnosis life can feel as though everything now revolves around what is happening to and within your body.

Using the CT framework makes it possible to navigate the cancer experience from a place of personal empowerment and with the ability to stay connected to what matters most in your life. Based on 25+ years of clinical and teaching experience, as well as insights gleaned from his own cancer journey, Gary’s CT framework is designed to produce feelings of safety, restore a connection to what is most alive in you, celebrate the sacredness of life, and re-establish a connection to your innate healing wisdom.

A common outcome of employing the CT framework and actively reclaiming the archetypal expressions that want a voice in your life (e.g., writer, advocate, mentor, messenger, motivator, explorer, etc.), is to experience greater clarity around:

  • how to navigate the ups and downs in your cancer journey,
  • the type of support you need,
  • the patterns and dynamics that are potentially impacting your body’s receptivity to treatment,
  • how your body communicates to you, especially its stress signals, and
  • what truly matters in your life.

The Cancer Transcendence® Program is offered as an eight-week support group and as a weekend immersion. Each module in the program provides tools and techniques, as well as external resources, that will help you feel more empowered when making decisions and more in control of your overall cancer experience.

The CT Program is a Bridge to Understanding the Deeper Meaning of Your Life
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Principle of Cancer Transcendence

Identifying the situations and dynamics in your life that perpetuate stress (even those on an unconscious, subtle level) can potentially enhance your receptivity to treatment and be the foundation for creating a more nourishing and fulfilling life.

Program Overview

Week 1 – Building a Mythic Framework for Healing

  • Recognizing the Roles That Impact Your Receptivity to Healing
  • Understanding Your Strengths and Challenges

Week 2 – The Power of Personal Agency and Self-Efficacy

  • Creating Safety and Exceptional Support
  • Keys to Creating Healthy Energetic Boundaries with Others

Week 3 – Unlocking Your Inner Wisdom

  • Meeting Your Inner Healer
  • Giving Your Body a Voice in How You Navigate Your Healing Process

Week 4 – The Power of Imagination

  • Perceiving the Inner Nature of Your Illness
  • Identifying the Roots of Your Cancer Myth

Week 5 – Illuminating the Hidden Dimensions of Stress

  • Discovering the Gold Within Your Pain, Discomfort, or Emotional Upset
  • Identifying the Subtle, Environmental Dynamics Impacting Your Healing Process

Week 6 – Composing Your Healing Myth

  • Keys to Reclaiming the Expressions That Want a Voice In Your Life
  • Clarifying Your Core Values and Building Your Camelot

Week 7 – Energy Revitalization

  • Identifying the Evolutionary Impulse Within Your Cancer
  • Practices for Energy Revitalization and Balance

Week 8 – Aligning to the River of Life

  • Designing Your Life to Support Your Creative Authenticity
  • Staying Connected to Your Inner Sense of Rightness and Harmony

Bonus Module – Emergency Routines

  • Tools for Self-Regulation and Stress Management
  • Brain-Integration and Mind-Body Coherence Techniques
Principle of Cancer Transcendence

Woven into the cancer journey, along with its many challenges, is the opportunity for self-reclamation.

The CT Program will help you to:

  • Connect to your passion and creative authenticity,
  • Increase your feelings of personal agency and self-efficacy,
  • Identify the root patterns and situations impacting your physical wellbeing,
  • Create a roadmap for navigating your cancer experience,
  • Unlock your imagination and embodied awareness for greater healing, and
  • Deepen your relationship and connection to what truly matters in your life.
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