Gary’s Self-Reclamation and
Personal Growth Work

Unlocking the Uniqueness and Potential That Lies Within You

Soul Dynamics Coaching

At the foundation of Gary’s self-reclamation and personal growth work is the Mythic Path Profile, a simple tool which identifies the mythic aspects of your healing and transformational process. Instead of classifying you as a particular type or creating an interpretation of your makeup and characteristics, Gary’s unique interpretation of temperament work, creates an awareness about what is inherently a part of your mythic path—the themes, lessons, challenges, patterns, and dynamics you may experience on your life journey.

By awakening to your mythic path, you are able to see the bigger picture of your life and the specific patterns and behaviors that need your attention to facilitate your transformation and healing. When you know your mythic path, you have a roadmap to help you navigate each phase of your life and an understanding of how to resolve the challenges, setbacks, and disappointments that may arise during your life journey.

The incredible results experienced by Gary’s clients are a byproduct of utilizing tools and techniques that support and expand on the Mythic Path Profile. By utilizing this framework, you will experience greater empowerment when navigating current struggles and challenges, and you will have a life-long structure to support you through future trials and transitions. Working with Gary builds self-reliance and independence, because you will learn how to access your own inner wisdom instead of relying on others to provide answers to the challenges you face.

Regardless whether you are doing in-person or remote work with Gary, your transformational journey is organized within a framework that is founded on four main pillars for self-reclamation and personal growth.

Framework for Self-Reclamation and Personal Growth

Discovering Your Mythic Path

This is the foundation of the work. It is focused on providing an overview of your mythic path, recognizing how the patterns associated with your mythic path affect various arenas of your life, and deciphering how current or past entanglements and challenges fit together to produce your life’s story. Once you understand the mythic path you are walking, you will be able to pinpoint the core life-lessons underneath your life experiences, which when addressed, facilitate forward movement, resolution, and healing.

Experiencing Creative Freedom

This portion of the program is devoted to helping you discover where you get stuck in the creative process and the avoidance behaviors that impede your progress in transforming your life. Avoidance behaviors are the ways in which you use your creative energy at the expense of your personal truth. Recognizing the limiting ancestral patterns you are working through and the patterns impacting the four soul activities of thinking, feeling, willing, and relating are also fundamental components of the work in this segment of your self-reclamation and personal growth journey.

Accessing Your Inner Wisdom

This segment of the program provides tools for you to learn how to transcend inner resistance and limiting beliefs by accessing your embodied awareness as well as your imagination, inspiration, and intuition. Learning how to perceive what lies hidden underneath your life events provides a true foundation to personal empowerment. The subtle energetics and dynamics that are a part of your mythic journey provide insights about what is holding you back, and serve as road signs for where you are heading and what you are meant to do with your life.

Actualizing Your Sacred Calling

This portion of the program is devoted to helping you paint the picture of your vision for humanity, what is referred to in this work as “Building Your Camelot”. In addition, you will discover your archetypal becoming (the unique gifts you have to share with the world), your sacred calling (contributing to the positive change you want to see in the world), how to ask for support from a place of wholeness, how to design your life to match your creative potential, and how to create a life sourced from your core values.

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