Gary’s Mind-Body Performance Coaching
with Musicians

Transforming Performance Challenges Into Soulful Artistry

“Working with Gary has taken my playing to a completely new level. I have a new relationship with my instrument and to who I am as a musician. The limited concepts I had of myself and my playing are long gone and I am experiencing amazing expressive freedom in my playing now. The work with Gary not only transformed my playing, but also my life.” — Ray R.

Gary’s performance coaching is unique because it combines mind-body practices and kinesiology (muscle response testing), with traditional coaching techniques to access the deep wisdom that lies beyond your conscious awareness. Gary can quickly and effectively uncover the beliefs, patterns, and subconscious stresses that are holding you back from demonstrating your potential on a consistent basis and from playing your best when it matters most.

Unlocking your potential as a performer begins with recognizing the events and situations from your past that may have been repressed or dismissed as insignificant, but which are acting as a limiting force while you perform. Connecting the dots between these life experiences and your path as a musician is what makes this work so unique. Once the limiting patterns and beliefs that are interfering with you actualizing your gifts as a musician are identified, the performance level you can achieve far exceeds what can be duplicated through regular music lessons, conventional coaching, or talk therapy.

This more intimate and personal work is unlike any performance enhancement work being done in the world today—there is no guessing about what is holding you back. Accessing your body’s wisdom through kinesiology reveals the path to ultimately actualizing your gifts as a performer. Gary also does long-distance Zoom sessions using all of the same support structures from the Pathways to Performance Mastery Program and a remote kinesiology system to guide you in performing your best for auditions and key performances.

The Performance Mastery Cycle

“Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.”
— Pablo Casals

Steps in the Mastery Cycle

    Temperament Assessment—recognizing your disposition and the temperamental patterns related to how you think, feel, and act under pressure, will serve as the larger framework guiding you to performance mastery.

    Stress Analysis—accessing the wisdom of your body through muscle response testing (kinesiology), will detect the stress levels within each arena of your life as a musician: learning process, specific repertoire, skill attainment, playing venues, personal artistry, social dynamics, memorization, and more. The stress analysis prioritizes the order in which your session work will unfold with Gary.

    Uncovering Limiting Subconscious Programming—using muscle response testing (turning your body into a biofeedback mechanism) will pinpoint the subconscious blueprints and specific life events that you are unconsciously carrying into the performance setting, and which are limiting your professional and musical goals.

    Stress Diffusion and Mind-Body Integration—slearning specific interventions and practices that eliminate stress in the brain and enhance mind-body integration, will empower you to consistently manage your stress before and during high-pressured and important performances.

    Embodied Awareness & Aesthetic Perception—accessing embodied knowing and utilizing aesthetic perception will deepen your connection to the music you are playing, unlock your musical artistry, and help you to feel more comfortable when performing or auditioning in new environments. These powerful tools will increase your personal confidence and focus while performing under pressure.

    Enlivened Practicing and Rehearsing—engaging the art of imaginative thinking to facilitate your capacity to self-correct while practicing and rehearsing, will allow you to become your own master teacher. You will be able to execute creative solutions to future challenges experienced during the music-making process, especially when it matters most.

“In contemplating my own connection to music, I always return to the same answer. Universal order. If the heavenly constellations offer us visual proof of this order, then music must be its oral manifestation. Through its language we become one with the stars.”
— Seymour Bernstein

Benefits of Mind-Body Performance Coaching

  • Helps you learn how to get back on track when things are not going well
  • Prepares you to be able to generate specific performance states when needed
  • Guides you in learning how to manage your energy so you are mentally, emotionally, and physically prepared to play your best
  • Helps you to tap into your inner wisdom and intuition
  • Awakens inner resources, strengths, and talents
  • Transforms performance anxiety, doubts, and fears into a deeper understanding of your authentic voice
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