The Art of Self-Reclamation

Healing the Self, Healing the World
Wouldn’t it be great if you could resolve your life challenges and at the same time reclaim what is most beautiful and powerful within you?

Welcome to The Art of Self-Reclamation!

The Art of Self-Reclamationis a six-week online program that offers a unique framework for pinpointing the hidden, subtle dynamics underneath your life challenges and the ways in which embodied, imaginal knowing can be utilized for understanding and implementing the positive steps forward that bring your life back into harmony and wellness.

This unique framework is the inner tree of life which lives within each of us. When you access the tree, you expand your awareness of why you are experiencing certain life dynamics and situations, the causative factors that are behind what you are experiencing, what you are being asked to reclaim within yourself, and the healing movements that align you to your divine self. Aligning to your divine self allows you to fulfill your sacred calling—the gifts you are meant to share with the world.

By utilizing your inner tree of life, you will:

  • Identify the subtle energetic dynamics and patterns that are the source of your life challenges, setbacks, limiting behaviors, and painful relational entanglements,
  • Have a roadmap for creating a life that is reflective of your creative potential,
  • Have a practice that supports creating healthy energetic boundaries with others,
  • Experience a heightened awareness of how you are being called to share your gifts, and
  • Have a powerful process for making decisions and enhancing your discernment.

Principle of Self-Reclamation

Within you resides an inner tree of life offering you insight, inspiration, guidance, and healing.

Program Overview

Week 1 – Introduction to the Tree of Life

  • Navigating the self-reclamation journey
  • How to reclaim your wholeness while living in a traumatized world
  • Recognizing the soul capacities and soul mentors that are a part of your self-reclamation journey
  • Energy practices for embodying the divine self

Week 2 – The Inner Nature of Life

  • Recognizing your conditioning and the roles and strategies you learned to fit into your family
  • Distinguishing the difference between the lived experience and the narrative of the mind
  • The power of aesthetic perception and embodied awareness
  • Energy practices for psychic hygiene

Week 3 – Soul Functions and Your Personal Mythology

  • The keys to understanding your personal mythology
  • The four soul functions and how they shape your personal mythology
  • The four cognitions and tempering imbalances in your inner tree of life
  • Aligning your life to your divine self

Week 4 – The Archetypal Self and the Inner Tree of Life

  • Biographical work and the seven-year phases of life
  • Soul capacities and archetypal expressions
  • Recognizing your archetypal uniqueness
  • Practices for facilitating divine guidance

Week 5 – Aligning Your Inner Tree of Life to the World You Want to Create

  • Clarifying your vision for humanity
  • Recognizing the collective, ancestral, and personal trauma that is a part of your self-reclamation journey
  • Bringing balance and healing to the five life arenas
  • Illuminating the core values within your personal mythology

Week 6 – Deepening the Contemplative and Energy Practices

  • Techniques for balancing the inner tree of life
  • Ancient and modern contemplative practices for working with your inner tree of life
  • Performing alchemy in your inner tree of life using images and symbols
  • Embodied practices for transforming your inner tree of life

Principle of Self-Reclamation

As you bring alignment and healing to your inner tree of life, you attract a life that is truly reflective of your divine, creative Self.

What Makes This Program Unique?

This program:
  • Prioritizes the core life lessons that are integral to your growth and healing,
  • Gives you tools to access your own inner wisdom,
  • Clarifies the deeper meaning and purpose of your life,
  • Identifies how you can transcend limiting ancestral patterns,
  • Illuminates your personal mythology, and
  • Allows you to manifest a life that is reflective of your divine self.