Principles of Mythic Transformation We bring greater ease and flow into our creative process and assist our own becoming when we recognize that life is cyclical—continually guiding us to dive more deeply into the creative processes and lessons we need along our mythic journey

Recently I participated in a medicine walk at the Sedgwick Reserve in Southern California. My intention behind the walk was to gain clarity around “right place”—where do I need to go in order to more fully birth my work in the world. Instead, through this experience of allowing the wisdom of nature to speak to me, I have been guided back into working with cancer patients and people navigating a life challenging illness, but with new insight. I thought I was clear about where my creative energies needed to go in this phase of my life, but through the medicine walk and follow-up meditations, mandala, and active imagination work, it has become clear that a next step for me is to bring the newly created support structures from the Twelve Mythic Paths® work into working with cancer patients. This experience has, for me, re-emphasized the cyclical nature of life and the importance of allowing the past to inform us in actualizing our creative potential in the present. I now see the significance of being willing to re-engage creative expressions from the past, just like we have to be willing to re-engage deeper and more subtle versions of the patterns that are holding us back, so we can honor our gifts in each phase of our life. This is clearly a mythic aspect of our life journey, to circle back around to those experiences, patterns, and offerings that continue to claim a place along our journey, that still have more to say to us. I thought my cancer work was a thing of the past, something I had moved through or beyond. I wasn’t seeing the interconnections—how I needed to focus on the Twelve Mythic Paths and the performance enhancement work for musicians in order to have the breakthroughs necessary to weave new life into my health and wellness work. What creative expressions from your past are circling back to you, asking to be a part of what you are presently creating? How can the lessons you learned from your past projects, endeavors, and collaborations help you to manifest your goals in this phase of your life? Have you discarded treasures from your past that could help you solve your challenges right now? Take a moment to explore these questions and see how the cyclical motif is a part of your mythic journey. And – keep your eyes open for the newly redesigned Cancer Transcendence™ Program. This work will include in person and online offerings specifically for cancer patients seeking exceptional support, community, and a revolutionary new framework for navigating the cancer experience. Current plans are to launch the program at the start of the New Year. Please help me spread the word! Don’t forget to take the Mythic Paths Profile here. The Navigating Your Mythic Path Group Coaching Calls, based on this work, will be starting December 1st! Until next time, may your life be a mythic adventure.