Principle of Mythic Transformation Recognizing qualities of experience allows you to see the true subtle dynamics of your life, and the core life lessons that are leading you to fulfilling your sacred calling.
Imagining your life as a mythic journey requires embracing an imaginative, enlivened form of thinking, which deepens your connection to what is being experienced in your life, both internally and externally. Enlivened thinking allows you to recognize qualities of experience, which present themselves on a completely different level than thoughts and feelings. The inherent power within connecting to the qualities of experience that are a part of your mythic journey, is that it lifts the veil of illusion created by the mind that prevents you from seeing the subtle, but true, dynamics and patterns in your life. Recognizing the qualities of experience you are having in your life brings to light the themes, patterns, and dynamics of your mythic path. This is living a mythic life—looking at how the themes and patterns in your life tell a story—not the superficial story you tell someone you meet at a party, but the deeper story about your evolutionary process. Qualities of experience are the threads that weave together the various destinations on your mythic path. Understanding how the quality of experience you are having in one situation relates to other events in your life, connects you to the mythic nature of your life. A simple way to begin viewing your life through the qualities you are experiencing is to start each day by taking note of your day’s plans and commitments. Then, pinpoint the quality (of experience) you think will support you in traveling through the commitments of your day. It is extremely helpful to come up with a symbol or a picture (in your mind’s eye) which captures that quality fully realized. For example, imagining a tree to symbolize the quality of being rooted and grounded. Practice visualizing the symbol as a means to embodying the quality (of experience) throughout the day. The quality then becomes a bridge or lifeline to a possible reality that is reflective of the life you want to be experiencing throughout your day.