This blog is one of the platforms I will be using to write about the Twelve Mythic Paths® System and how it can be applied in your life to help you manifest your dreams and actualize your creative potential. Each blog entry will discuss a principle of mythic transformation discovered through my work with clients over the last 22 years. The Twelve Mythic Paths® System is unique in that it offers a powerful framework for navigating your life’s journey yet transcends the trap of defining and labeling who you are as an individual. The system simply recognizes the path you have chosen to support you in your evolutionary process. It is a framework that offers freedom to the soul, yet empowers you to recognize the true causative forces playing out in your life. The self-transformation journey is hard enough. Who wants another layer of self-interpretation to work through along the way? You possess unlimited potential and the key to tapping into that potential is to refrain from judging, interpreting or labeling who you think you are and instead to focus your attention on the themes and motifs associated with your mythic path. Recognizing the themes and patterns associated with your mythic journey opens up new levels of awareness because, through the work, you establish an inner compass that helps you to navigate your daily experiences. This is true empowerment, which has nothing to do with a new concept about yourself. It is about recognizing the terrain and landscape of your life’s journey. From this perspective, you are free to be whoever you want to be, yet you will have a framework for making daily decisions, for transcending the limiting patterns that are holding you back, and for identifying the life lessons that are the stepping stones to actualizing your sacred calling. In many ways, the Twelve Mythic Paths® System is paradoxical in nature. The more you learn the specifics about your mythic path, the clearer you see yourself—not the persona that you might identify yourself to be, but your authentic self, the more creative, powerful, and connected you. This system awakens you to why you are here, what you are working on to grow and evolve and what you have to offer the world. This is accomplished without putting you in a box or limiting you by creating a new set of personal labels or self-definitions. The foundational goal of this work is to offer a framework that both supports the soul’s freedom and creates greater self-awareness; so that when you are going through a life transition, experiencing a challenging life event, or working through a limiting pattern, you can navigate your journey from your own inner wisdom and compass. There is a reason why the great sages of ancient Greece, wrote, “Know Thyself” on the entrance to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. It’s because the transformational journey is about acquiring self-knowledge, not from someone else telling you who you are, but from you peeling away the layers of illusion that are preventing you from living life anchored in your personal truth. In next month’s blog entry we will begin our journey together by discussing the importance of:
  • Having a framework for navigating challenging life events;
  • Finding the deeper meaning underneath your trials and life transitions; and
  • Allowing your pain to guide you to your sacred calling.

  • Thanks for being a part of the mythic path community. Until next time, may your life be a mythic adventure!